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Updated Aug 24, 2022


Viking invasion and settlements in England.

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Meaning is Mass Island
Mass Ey

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Roger Massey commented on Jun 26, 2006
I am trying to find something out about my family, I hope someone will read this and be able to help me.
My Grandfather was Abraham Massey from Danville, VA. He married Cora Moore from I believe Red Sulfur Springs, WV.
They had 5 children- Jefferson ( Jeff ), Ira ( Rueben ), Harvey ( my father ), Ethel and Dorothy.
They lived in Danville, VA until I believe the 1920's and they moved to Chandlersville, OH.
All of these family members have passed away.
No one in our family knows anything about our ancestors so if anyone has any info please contact me at [contact link]

Roger Massey
Diane Fenton commented on Jan 26, 2009
I am searching for information on my ancestor Rachel Massey born c1710 possibly in St Pierre du Bois, Guernsey, Channel Islands. Rachel married Nicolas Brehaut, s/o Leonard Brehaut 1680-1710 and Marthe Bailleul c1865-1773. Nicolas and Rachel had the following children: Leonard 1730, Marthe c1732 m. Helier Le Cleminant, Rachel 1734-1815 m. Nicolas Le Poidevin, Marie 1736-1791 m. Mathieu Tostevin, Nicolas c1738-c1789 m. Marie Langlois and Marguerite Brehaut, Pierre 1740-1781 m. Marie Bourgaize, Judith 1741 m. Nicolas Gallienne, Jean 1745-1755 and Marguerite 1748-1782.
Any help would be greatly appreciated,
[contact link]
William Butler commented on Aug 17, 2014
Ruby Marion Massey was born 27 August 1909 in Nacogdoches Co TX. Died 30 Jan 1984 in California.. Her parents were reported to have died and the sisters were adopted by a family named Gray or Grey. She married Marvin L. Butler of Burnet Co. TX in June 1925. Looking for any information on her or her family. W D Butler [contact link]
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