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About: I have been doing genealogy for ove r 30 years. Names include but are not limited to: Clark, Tilling, Arledge, Shippy, McLeish, Horton, Moffitt, Dixon, Montross (Montrose). I just acquired the majority of heritage photos from my folks' home inc. Daddy's military photos; his scrapbook from the Isle of Capri and Naples where he was stationed during WWII.

Researching: Clark, Tilling, Arledge, Mcleish

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My great grandmother Addie Horton Tilling. Date is unknown. Addie was born in Lowville, NY 07 Jul 1862 and died 27 Jun 1951 in Watertown, NY
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My mother Betty (Elizabeth Tilling Clark) with her paternal grandparents, Addie (Horton) and William A. Tilling.
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Julia Ginder Arledge and one of her children; unknown which one
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Clair J. Clark possibly at Arledge Field, Texas during pilot's training sometime in 1941
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The back of this photo says "Grandma's friend" "Eula Oaks, Bigalow, Arkansas"
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"McCormick & Crew" taken in Italy (Pompeii?) during WWII by my dad Lt. Clair J. Clark. B-25 340th bomb group.
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"Doc Wathen & Woodard and one of our ships" Obviously there are 4 people in this photo taken in WWII probably in Italy around 1942
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Charlene McGowan The dress is a Scottish kilted skirt with sash; why she is wearing a man's sporran (purse) I don't know. This particular sporran is the type a piper would wear with the horse hair trim.
Mar 15, 2008 · posted to the photo Native Dress