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About: I am working on a family tree for the Robert Roy McCutchen family. I am also working on a heritage album. In the process I have acquired photos of John George Schneider JR. I would like to know what connection he has to my family.

Researching: Mccutcheon, Schneider, Metcalf, Mccutchen, Zwart, Mccutchan, Mccutchin

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This is a picture that was found among others in my grandfather's photo album. I would like to know the connection with our family. I also have a program from the Culver Military Academy dated 1914. His name is listed in the cast of 'The Ghost of Jerry Bundler' as playing the part of belated travelers, Hirst Somers. He was apparently a member of Captain Crawley's class. Any one who has connections are welcome to more pictures.
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This is a picture of my great grandfather, great grandmother and grandfather.
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