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About: I am the great, great, grandaughter of Charles Wesley Howard. My grandmother Ethel Marie Altman was the daughter of Marietta Nora Howard, who died of Typhoid Fever when she was two years old. We come off of the 11th Duke of Norfolk, Charlemagne etc. I have done DNA on my father's side, but a bit difficult until I find the connection on my Howard side. We have Howard relatives and the old house existing in Topeka, Kansas. I would love to hear from you and be included in the research. Thank you, Cheryl McGhan

Researching: Anderson, Howard, st Clair, Skinner, Altman, Catlin, Marker, McGhan

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Cheryl Mcghan Just a little note that my grandmother's name was Ethel Marie Altman and her mother was Marietta Nora Howard. I was wondering if Marietta named my grandmother after an Ethel Marie that might have been in family. It's interesting that your Ethel Marie was also connected to the Howards. Any ideas? Cheryl McGhan
Dec 30, 2005 · posted to the photo Pleasant Monroe Howard Gravestone
Cheryl Mcghan After researching the Howards which come down through the 11th Duke of Norfolk, I ran across a Howard that seem to keep two residences. He would leave his family and go and visit his plantation for several months. It is there that he had slaves. My Howards were Quakers and they come from the King's youngest son. I will let you know if I run across any information. Cheryl McGhan great, grandaughter of Charles Wesley Howard of Topeka, Kansas
Dec 30, 2005 · posted to the story TN Ancestors
Cheryl Mcghan I am looking for a Charles Wesley Howard that settled in the Topeka, Kansas area. This Charles has a family resemblance. Cheryl McGhan
Dec 30, 2005 · posted to the photo George and William Howard