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About: I live in Sweden and in my research I,ve found connections to USA in, for exampel, Marinette, Wisconsin and San Francisco, California. I have the intention to go further in this research and, if possible, find living relativs.

Researching: Nelson, Ellison, Eliason, Gunneson

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This is my grandmothers uncle Olof Eliason born 1882 in Mjallby parish, Sweden, and his wife Karin. Olof emigrated in 1902 from Sweden to San Francisco, California. He settled in this homestead called Stevenson.
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This is a photo sent to relatives in Nosaby parish, Sweden. On the back of the photo you can read "Uncle Nils eldest son Georg". This uncle was Nels Nelson born on the 5:th of august 1861 in Balsby, Nosaby parish in southern Sweden. He emigrated to USA and married Marie Nelson 1882 in Marinette, Wisconsin. (All according to The boy Georg is brobably born 1882-1890 according to the date of marriage.
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This photo (Cuyler & Hill Marinette Wisconsin) has been sent to Swedish relatives in the parish of Nosaby, Kristianstad. On the back you can read "uncle Nils eldest son Georg". This uncle Nils should be Nels Nelson born 1861-08-05 (5:th of august) who emigrated to USA from Balsby in the parish of Nosaby, Sweden. He married probably a woman named Marie, also from Sweden. Does anybody recognize the family I would be thrilled to find out about living relatives.
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