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Updated Mar 20, 2022


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Jamescarr Nelson commented on Mar 15, 2008
Born 1930 in Preston, Lancashire (Parish of St Lukes) Mothers name Mary Nelson (nee Gill) Father. Albert Henry Nelson married Eunice Bamber in 1951.did National service for two years in the Royal Engineers. resumed trade as Plumber in civil life Had three children - Linda 1952. Chistine 1956. Michael.
Marsha Mintz-Williams commented on Mar 16, 2008
My Grandmother Lydia Adeline Nelson was born 21 Sept 1894 to William Adam "W.A." Nelson (Jan 1840 to May 1908)and Sarah M.Gainey(Ganey) Nelson (May 1865). She had 3 half sisters (Alice Luen Nelson 12/11/1870 Martha Electa Nelson 12/25/1872 and Susan Garris Nelson 4/1/1881(Luen and Susan married Skippers)and an uncle Steve) Steve was born with a deformed foot, therefore most of the folk who knew him called him "Clubfoot Nelson" She married John Phillip Brehmer A Brunswick County transplant from Pennsylvania. Addie gave birth to Jacob Henry Brehmer,6 April 1919, a set of twins John Phillip Jr and Arthenia born 6 May 1923 (the twins did not survive a year) then my mother Avis Arthenia Brehmer 12/14/1925.
Donna Wells commented on Jun 04, 2010
I am looking for information about my great-great-great grandfather. His name was Jerome Nelson, born in Virginia, lived in New Lisbon, Ohio. He was an abolitionist and served in the civil war for the Union. He was married to Ann Whitaker. They were Episcopal Methodists. I'm researching my fathers side and I come to a dead end with Jerome. Can anyone help? Thanks.
Julie Blake commented on Sep 14, 2011
I'm searching for my father's birthparents. He was adopted. He was born George William Nelson on June 8, 1928 in Los Angeles, CA. His birthmother was Clara Nelson, unmarried, born around 1907 or 1908 in Washington state. The birthfather is listed as Fred Nelson, born around 1902 or 1903, a laborer, birthplace unknown. My dad's paternal DNA tested R1a1. I have my dad's adoption record, he was adopted by Leonard & Edith Row. I have a sample of Clara Nelson’s handwriting.
Karen Steinhaus commented on Jan 03, 2016
I have found among my family possessions an embroidered ladies napkin from the PAN AM Exhibition in Buffalo, NY dated 1901 with the name of Elizabeth Nelson. If anybody might know who this woman was please email me at [contact link]
Karen Steinhaus commented on Jan 03, 2016
Charles R. Nelson. b. 1882 d. Jan 1932. Parents from Sweden-Charles and Ida Nelson and had a successful stair building co. Family from Queens, NY. CRN had brothers named Arthur, Edward and Frank. 1 sister Ethel S. Nelson. CRN never married but did have an illegitimate daughter. Any information would be appreciated.
Grace Bergloff commented on Jan 10, 2020
Looking for any information on a Sam Nelson DOB 1880 - Spouse Anborg Oland (olund?) He resided in Minnesota. Records show his parents to be: Jolborg Moen and Nels (Nils) Stoilen. He is of Norwegian descent. Been searching his parents for many years. It's like they don't exist. Any help greatly appreciated.
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