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David Nicolaus Old Fashioned Crock Pickles 18 cucumbers 2 Gallons of boiling water 6 kernels garlic 1 cup salt 3 stocks of dill 1 cup vinegar 5 slices dark rye bread After scrubbing the cucumbers, cut off each tip to about ½ inch thickness. Place dill and garlic in an earthenware crock. Add whole cucumbers. Add salt and vinegar to boiling water and pour over cucumbers to cover. Place a dish over cucumbers to keep them submerged. On this place a mason jar filled with water as a weight. Let stand overnight. The next day remove weight and dish, then add rye bread to mixture in crock. Now replace dish and weight in turn. Cover with tea towel and place crock where it can stand undisturbed for 12 days. Check at this time to see if pickles are to your taste. Yield: 18 pickles. To serve, the chef quarters the pickles lengthwise.
Dec 27, 2004 · posted to the surname Nicolaus
David Nicolaus Potato Wine Recipe For each gallon of wine you desire, add the following ingredients. 7 large potatoes peeled and sliced. 1 gallon of lukewarm water. (Not hot) 1 lb. seedless raisins 5 lb. Sugar 2 ea. Un-peeled Oranges & Lemons. Quartered. Place all the ingredients in a crock and add a yeast starter to mix. Cover with a piece of cheese cloth and let stand in a warm area. Check each day and press mix back down into the wine. The fermentation should last for 12 to 15 days. When done fermenting, remove wine from crock and place in cask. Be sure to strain mixture to remove as much of the mash as you can. Set cask in a cool area such as a basement and let stand for at least 3 to 4 months, until “fine” (clear). Be sure to seal cask with an air lock devise. That is, gas from the wine should be able to escape, but fresh air should not be able to enter cask. The finished wine should be a clear amber colored liquid. After about 4 months, you can draw wine from cask and bottle. Be sure to store in a cool, dark place.
Dec 27, 2004 · posted to the surname Nicolaus
David Nicolaus Hi Sheila, No we are not related. John's father was named Martin but his mother was named Agnes but her maiden name was Shotar. They came from Croatia. I have never known any one named Motko. I hope this helps. David Nicolaus
Mar 08, 2012 · posted to the photo John Matko, 1943 PA
David Nicolaus The name is incorrect. His name is Jacob Bauer. He is my Great-Great Grandfather. His daughter was Gertrude (Bauer) Nicolaus. David Nicolaus, w9dn@hotmail.com
Mar 23, 2005 · posted to the photo Nicolaus Bauer