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Loutitia (Letitia, Lieuticia) Paulk Hogan, 1859-1939. Daughter of Hiram L Paulk, CSA (1839-1862), wife of Elijah ('Lige') James Hogan, (1852-1916). Married Dec 24, 1874.
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David Mark Hogan (younger years, 1855) (1831-1904) Father of Elijah James Hogan (1852-1916) by his first wife, Martha Ann Jones. Born and died in Georgia, USA,
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Sons of George F Wooten I. L-R Roscoe C. and Ennis W. Wooten (not sure which is which), Victor G Wooten (1881-1964), James Montgomery and George F Wooten II (1894-1975).
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Sarah Olive Bright, wife of William J Hymas. Died young of kidney disease shortly after death of 6-year old son. Mother of William Oliver James Hymas who changed surname to Bright. Mother of Olive A S Hymas
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William J Hymas, husband of Sarah Olive Bright, father of William Oliver James Hymas who changed his name to William Oliver James Bright. Father of Olive A S Hymas.
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George F Wooten. He was an Auctioneer. Would you buy a used car from him?
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Letitia Paulk with husband Elijah James Hogan, two daughters and one granddaughter
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William Oliver James Bright (1894-1971) with daughters Joan Honour Bright (facing camera) and Patricia June Bright. Photo taken in England
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David Wooten My Grandma, Jemimah Hogan, was known as 'Jerry' to her friends. She was born and grew up in Ocilla, Ga in 1894 and was related "to everyone in town" as she put it. After her father, Elijah J Hogan, passed away in 1916, she moved with her mother to Jacksonville, Florida where she met and married George F Wooten in 1925. He was an Assistant Chief Accountant at Texaco. Two boys were born to them - George F Wooten, Jr in 1927 and Robert David Wooten in 1929. Some time after Mr Wooten lost is job during the Depression, the family moved to Tavares and remained there until 1941 when they moved to Atlanta for two years. The war, and a good job for Jerry, brought them to Washington, DC two years after that. Eventually, Jerry and George settled down in Arlington, Va where they lived for the remainder of their lives, dying less than two weeks apart in early 1975. I remember Grandma as being devoted to me, my brother and my cousins, always welcoming us at their small home in Arlington and cooking us great southern dishes.
Jan 22, 2014 · posted to the person Jemimah Elizabeth Hogan
David Wooten William Oliver James Bright was born William Oliver James Hymas, son of William J Hymas (ca1858-ca1913) and Sarah Olive Hymas, nee Bright (1872-1902). After his mother's untimely death, he was sent to live with her relatives and eventually adopted her maiden name, 'Bright' as his surname.
Feb 15, 2012 · posted to the photo William O J Bright and daughters