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About: I have been involved in genealogy and family history for over 30 years. I am researching the following surnames: Smith, Parks, Merchant, Caldwell, Soger, Aho, Paavola, Blakely, Blackley, Blakley, Prout, Blickenstaff, Gillam and many others.

Researching: Parks, Caldwell, Blakely, Merchant, Prout, Blackley, Aho, Gillam, Maltby, Blakley, Paavola, Soger

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Arthur David Merchant is the only son of David Merchant and Fannie Scott Merchant. Fannie died when Arthur was about 2, and Martha Flora Parks became his...
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This is a picture of Martha Ann Gillam Parks. She was not happy about this photograph as she was 'showing'.
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From left to right - Ben Parks, David Merchant, Unknown, Allan Merchant
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Photo taken by G.F. Chapman Studio in Mount Forest, Ontario, Canada. Portrait taken after the death of John's first wife.
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This is the wedding photo of David Merchant and Martha Flora Parks.
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Wedding photo of David Merchant of Egremont, Ontario and Martha Flora Parks of Battersea, England.
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Dawn Soger The Unknown man in the photo is Herbert Merchant. Oldest son of David and Flora Merchant. David also has an older son, Arthur from his previous marriage.
Apr 30, 2004 · posted to the photo Uncle Ben Parks, Dad Merchant, Unknown and Allan
Dawn Soger This picture was taken in Battersea, England, just outside London. Martha Ann was from Tonbridge Wells, England.
Apr 16, 2004 · posted to the photo Martha Ann Gillam Parks
Dawn Soger This is _very_ interesting to me. Now I need to go check dates and see if this is my great-great-grandfather!
Nov 10, 2003 · posted to the photo Marriage Cert - PARKES & WELDIN