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Thomas Hart married Mary Parks- She was born in Anderson County, Tennessee and is buried in Delap Cemetary, Campbell County, Tennessee. Searching for record for Mary Parks or Mrs, Cross.There children were:
Edwin-John Umstead(Died unmarried)-Joseph (Who married Eliza J Wheeler)-David Hart
(Who married Nancy Bruce)-Elizabeth Hart -Nancy Caroline Hart-Eveline Hart-Emaline Hart-Mary Ann Hart (Who married Thomas Hunter)
Mary Ann or Telitha Hart/Thomas Hunter-Buried Delap Cem.
Jseph Hart/Wheeler buried in Wheeler Cem.
David Hart/Nancy Bruce buried in Meriposa, California Cemetary.
Elizabeth ? Delap Cemetary ?
Nancy Caroline Hart ? Delap Cem.?
Eveline Hart buried Delap Cem.
Emaline Hart buried Delap Cem.
Mary Ann Hart buried Delap Cem.
I need any information I can on this my line-You may e-mail me,
[contact link]
I appreciate any help that u may be able to give me-I can not find records or information on Mary Parks-(Just that a Mrs Cross married Thomas Hart, son of David Hart/Susanna Nunn.)
[contact link]
May 27, 2007 · Reply