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Dean Burgess Generation 1: Charles (Karl) Kiser, born in 1702 in Wurteimburg, Germany, near Keyser Schloss. He came as a mercinary (a butcher) in 1744 and served in Bradocks army in its famous defeat. Like many of the German mercenaries in that lost battle he went down the Shenandoah Valley. Charles died in Page County, VA, in 1778. Two of his brothers also came to America: Jacob and Andreas. One, at least, remained in Pennsylvania and some of the family went down into North Carolina. Charles married a daughter of Dr. Shelley of Philadelphia, they settled in Page County, VA, and had 12 children: Charles Jr. who married Elizabeth Grossglass in 1776 (her father's immigration record survives in Philadelphia); Joseph, born 1756 and moved to Russell County, VA, in 1782, married Susanah Stacy in Russell and died there in 1816; Andrew, born 16 Dec. 1756, served in the Revolution and was a member of the Virginia legislature, married 1st Sarah Margaret Hinehart and second Elizabeth Grove Strickler and died 23 Nov. 1833 in Page County, VA; John who married Katherine Rhinehart 30 August 1791; Anna born 1756, married Philip Counts (Koontz) in Page County; Mary born 5 Aug. 1760, married Luke Kelly (Celley) 1 Feb 1782 at Hanging Rock, Lawrence County, Ohio; Elizabeth born 1762, married Henry Hurst on 20 January 1784 in Breathitt County, Kentucky; Kate who died young; Esther who married George Austin9 May 1797 in Lawrence County; Michael, or perhaps Philip, who died July 1798 in Rockingham County, VA. Joseph Kiser and Sussanah Stacy (called Sukie) had 8 children: Joseph Jr., born 6 June 1782 in Russell County, VA, married Mary P. (Polly) Chilress, died 27 May 1869; Abednego born 1784 married Polly Jessee and died on active duty in Norfolk, VA, in the War of 1812 4 Oct. 1814; John born 8 Aug. 1786 married Nancy Long, died 15 April 1852; Nimrod born 1788married Mary Breeding and died 1828; Ephraim born 1790 married Mary (Polly) Southerland, died 11 Oct. 1885; Mary born 1794 married James Artrip; Sussanah born 1792 married Stephen Skeen, died 23 July 1860; Charles born 1796, married Nancy Laforce, died 3 June 1880. Abednego and Polly Kiser had four children: Frances born Feb. 1805, married Abraham Childres and died 1887 in Carbo, Russell County, VA; Martha born Feb. 1807 and died in 1839; Noah born Feb. 1809, married Dicie (probably Boadecia) Thompson, died after 1850; and Elihu born Feb. 1811, married Jane (Jennie) Skeen and died Reeds Valley, Russell County, VA. Polly married a second time after Abednego died in the war, to James Chafin and had other children. Elihu Kiser and Jane Skeen had 12 children: Abednego born 7 Sept. 1833 married Margaret L. Jessee in April 1850; Elizabeth born 9 June 1835, who married Noah Jessee 31 Jan. in Castlewood, Russell County, VA; Mary born 14 Feb. 1867, never married; Noah W. born 31 July 1839, married 1st Eveline Gent22 March 1860, 2nd Rosa Alderson and was a teacher in Tazwell County, VA; George L. born 15 Aug 1840, married Elizabeth Browning 9 Dec. 1858, lived in Reeds Valley, Russell County, VA and died in 1949; Martha born 16 May 1842, married John T. Candler 6 Dec. 1860; Jefferson J. born 31 Oct. 1844, married Catherine Gent; Nancy born 2 Dec. 1846, married James Candler and moved to Missouri; Frances born 6 March 1849 and died 15 Aug. 1853; Elihu born 3 March 1850, married Nannie B. Jessee: Archer born 13 July 1853 and died 22 Aug. 1864; Ladora Jane (called Jane)born 26 April 1855, married 1st John Million Combs (Little Bill) 26 Feb. 1874 and 2nd Fielding Combs (his brother) died 21 July 1942 - she is my great-grandmother through Nannie Combs who married Harrison Burns and had Minnie Bernard Burns later Burgess. Dean Burgess, 413 Middle St., Portsmouth, VA 23704, 757-393-0973,
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