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Updated Nov 24, 2020


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Famous People named Owen

Michael Owen - Former English Professional football player

Early Owens

These are the earliest records we have of the Owen family.

1225 - 1265
1640 - Unknown
1712 - 1767
1667 - 1753
1727 - 1798
1729 - Unknown
1731 - Unknown
1733 - Unknown

Owen Family Members

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Most Common First Names

Sample of 20 Owen Biographies

Unknown - Unknown
Jun 30, 1900 - March 1966
Dec 31, 1906 - Aug 29, 1991
Jul 7, 1913 - March 1987
Dec 12, 1948 - May 15, 2001
Sep 4, 1910 - April 1971
Sep 27, 1904 - January 1986
Dec 5, 1893 - January 1984
Apr 13, 1900 - December 1981
Sep 26, 1928 - Jun 29, 2008
Sep 7, 1987 - May 5, 2010
Nov 6, 1916 - May 1, 1988
Jul 24, 1918 - Apr 12, 2005
c. 1967 - Unknown
c. 1957 - Unknown
c. 1958 - Unknown
Dec 31, 1969 - Jan 11, 1969
Unknown - Unknown
Unknown - Unknown
c. 1910 - Unknown

Owen Death Records & Life Expectancy

The average age of a Owen family member is 70.9 years old according to our database of 28,606 people with the last name Owen that have a birth and death date listed.

Life Expectancy

70.9 years

Oldest Owens

These are the longest-lived members of the Owen family on AncientFaces.

Oct 3, 1901 - Apr 30, 2010
108 years
Jun 24, 1877 - August 1985
108 years
Feb 10, 1891 - Nov 27, 1998
107 years
Dec 25, 1894 - Jan 18, 2002
107 years
Nov 14, 1892 - Nov 28, 1998
106 years
Aug 16, 1903 - Jul 6, 2009
105 years
Jan 11, 1900 - Nov 17, 2005
105 years
Jan 11, 1900 - Nov 17, 2005
105 years
Sep 23, 1898 - Jan 23, 2004
105 years
Oct 16, 1892 - Feb 1, 1998
105 years

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Darlene Lewis
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In the middle of the depression, the family lived in an area of Indianapolis called Haughville. Grandpa Ira Owen wasn't used to so called 'urban' life having lived mostly on farms and in small towns the majority of his life.

One day Uncle Porter came over in his 'new' Model T Ford. Grandpa had not learned to drive an automobile. He still depended on his two feet to get him where he wanted to go or he used the trolley car to get uptown if needed.
It was a beautiful sunny summer day and everyone was outside enjoying themselves. Uncle Porter leaned on his car as he talked with Grandpa. Grandpa kept passing an admiring eye over the car. Finally, Grandpa mustered the courage to ask Uncle Porter if he could try driving the new car. Uncle Porter was very obliging and everyone climbed aboard for a nice Sunday drive.

Grandpa followed Uncle Porter's directions and was proceeding quite smoothly. He took the road to Riverside Park and drove around the perimeter. Clouds had began rolling in during the drive and it began to sprinkle. Grandpa quickly decided to go home.

Grandpa pulled into the yard and began turning the steering wheel causing the car to go in circles. Uncle Porter yelled for him to "hit the brake!" Everyone else was just yelling for him to stop. All the time Granpa was yelling " whoa, whoa," He finally came to rest against the corner of the house and everyone quickly jumped from the car checking to see that they were still in one piece. Grandpa Owen looked at the car and then at Uncle Porter. He scratched his whiskers and said "I'll take horses anyday, at least they stop when you tell 'em." Everyon of course laughed at the situation but Grandpa never tried driving again.

This story was told to me by my mother who was 9 years old at the time.
Feb 22, 2003 · Reply
Unknown User
15 favorites
Horace Owen was the sheriff of Lea County. He was over 6 foot, with broad shoulders and long legs. He was also a calf roper and team roped with my Daddy every Friday and Saturday night. He rode a big buckskin stallion and often would reach down and snatch me into the saddle with him. We would ride around between rounds and just chat with folks. I really had a big crush on him when he was 30, and I was 5. He called me George just like Daddy did, and never called me a 'lil ole girl' or a girl sissy like some of the younger boys did.I was no sissy and certainly never wanted to be., I realize now that it was because I would fight at the drop of a hat that they kept up the teasing.
Sheriff Owen was a lawman of extroidinary judgement and honor. Always the gentleman, and always with a big grin on his face. He excelled at sheriffing as he did at roping and everything else he did.

There was the boy who stole horses. Barely ten years old, with freckles a sad face, and ragged pants, that child was very good at what he did. What he did was steal horses. Not just any old nag, no sirree, he stole the best roping and trick horses in the county. THe only clues he left at the barns were his footprints in the sand.

I came to know about this boy when my Daddy's big black stallion disappeared one night from his corral. Daddy went right in when he discovered the loss and ask Sheriff Owen to look for Prince. Sheriff Owen just shook his head, and said " Come on Red.I know where he must be.. Mrs.Price's boy seems to be stealing about one horse every other day. Prince is the 6th one. It has come to a point where I have to put a stop to this theiving."

Well they got into the new 1946 Ford four door sedan police car and drove over to the Price place. Now Mrs Price was a widow with five boys and Jeffry was the oldest. She kept body and soul together taking in washing and ironing and cleaning an occasional house. THere was never enough money for necessities, much less non essentials like house paint or glass for broken windows. Jeffry helped out as much as he could by doing small jobs and watching the younger boys while his mom worked.

As they drove up to the Price place, there stood Prince, tied to a tree. The remains of some apples lay on the ground near his front feet. He nickered when my Daddy got out of the car and never took his eyes off him. Prince definitely wanted to go home.

Mrs Price, wiping her hands on her faded apron stepped out in the yard. " Sheriff, I was going into town to tell you about this one, but my youngest boy is down with the fever"

Sherrif Owen saw Jeffry standing in the doorway and he beconed hoim to come there. Sheriff Owen , with a stern look on his face said " Jeffry, Red here is taking his horse back right now. And you have to go to town with me, get into the car."
"Mrs. Price, don't worry. We are going to get this straightened out and Jeffry will be back in a little bit."
With fear on her face, she agreed to let him go.

Sheriff Owen never said a word all the way back to the little building where his office was, next door to to Prichard's Drugstore. Jeffry was too big to cry, but his lips trembled in sadness and fear.He hoped when he told the sheriff why the horse theiving was going on that the sheriff would listen. BUt that wasn't likely to happen. He was guilty so he would just be put into jail.

When they stopped the car in front of the office, Sheriff Owen said " Here we are Jeffry. I am a little dry from all this sheriffing. How about a soda in Prichard's?"
Jeffry could only nod his head in agreement.He had never been to a soda fountain before. Rich kids got sodas, and he shore was not a rich kid. He tagged along behind the sheriff and felt a bit better about his current situation.

"Sarah, give Jeffry and me one of those chocolate sodas, and make them the big 15 cents size. We have some business to take care of and may be here for awhile. "

"All right , Jeffry, why?" he drawled.

Jeffry knotted his hands into fists on his lap, raised his head and looked the Sheriff right in the eye and said " Well sir, We live a good piece away from anyone and my brothers dont have no toys. There is just so much playing the little ones can do with nothing but sand , rocks and some mesquite trees. And, well, I need a friend. If we had a horse, the little ones could ride him, and I could talk to him whenever I was lonesome or scared.I know it was wrong to steal , and I might go to hell for it after I spend a long time in your jail, but I just had to borrow those horses. I always meant to take them back, but you kept coming aftr them. I dont rightly think that is fair of you either."

With a somber look on his face, but tears in his eyes that tough New Mexico lawman decided right there to do some rough justice. "Jeffry, we have to take you to court. THe judge is going to sentence you, but I dont know if it will be to jail or not. You sit right here while I make a few calls to set up court. "

Jeffry finished his soda, and tried to rake up enough brave to get him through what ever was coming.

Sheriff Owen took him home and told him to be ready for court by 8:30 the next morning. Then heAsk Mrs Price to come out in the yard. They talked for a bit, and the Sheriff drove off.

At 8:30 Mrs Price and Jeffry entered the Court of Judge Stanley Earl. THey sat quietly awaiting Jeffry's fate.

Sheriff Owen, JAmes Click ( who had had his horse stolen by Jeffry} and my Daddy entered the court room. About that time the Judge took his seat.

The judge peered down and said "Jeffry Price. How do you plead to two counts of horse theiving?"

Jeffry looked up at his mother who said" Tell him you did it Jeffry. Tell the judge you are guilty".

He looked the judge right in the eye and said, " Judge,I did take those horses, so I am guilty. I am sorry I took them.I wont do it again ."

The judge looked athe sheriff and asked him if he had anything to say about the sentencing of this guilty young fellow,"

" Well, your honor, Jerry, Red and I sort of got together and we figured out what we think is justice.
See, We know why Jeffry took these horses, and while we dont think it ie ever right to steal, we do understand. So, we suggest, Your Honor, that Jeffry be sentenced to six months of work, after school and a half day on Saturdays for either Jerry or Red. We also want him sentenced to take very good care of John Austin's retired roping horse. I believe that horse is in Jeffry's yard right now with the hay that six months od work will pay for. in case he doesnt take care of old blacky, well your honor ,I want to pick him up again, And next tiem we wont be understanding "

The gavel slammed down on the desk and the judge said " So Ordered. Now go home and this one boy crime wave had better not happen again"

It did not.
Sep 20, 2003 · Reply
Stacy Reuter
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Walter Edward Owen Born November 18, 1915 and Died January 23, 1960 was my maternal grandfather. He has 4 children and 10 grandchildren, 8 granddaughters and 1 grandson.
Jul 21, 2014 · Reply

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