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John was born 09 Oct 1855 in Phelps Co, Missouri. Martha Ann Grayson was born 29 Jul 1863 in Phelps.
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Mary daughter of William "Frank"lin Smith and Mattie McKibben. Hugh son of Willard Styles and Fannie Jamerson.
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Her parents were John Smith and Martha Ann Grayson. siblings were Bertha, Martha(known as Lizzie), William(known as Frank), Anna Bell(annie),and Parthena(known as Thenie)
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Aunt Bert was married several times.1st to James Caulk then to Robert L Collins last that I know of was Charles Whal.
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These are my gr Aunts daughters of John Smith and Martha Ann Grayson.
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Rachel Emiline Armendia Elizabeth Jamerson on right. Fannie Laura Zettie Jamerson on left. Mother and daugther.(Jamerson/Styles)
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Mont was a former Confederate soldier (deserter) from confederate regiment 16, Company C (the black Mountain Boys) and was the leader of a band that led a raid on Burnsville to steal supplies. He was described as "the leader of the band of Torries". I believe this was Willard W Styles father from what I was always told,he was my gr grandfather. I have these recent Notes from a cousin. From what I understand Willard was using the name Ray until he and his Dad had a falling out.Then he changed his name to Styles, his mothers name. I also gather that Willard was hired out as farm help at a young age. I have yet found any type of records on Willard. they had no records on birth or death certificates for Willard. I often wonder who his parents really were.
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Willard Whittington Styles. His Dad was one of the Monteville Ray's from Yancey County. Fannies parents were David Newton Parker and Rachel Emiline Armendia Elizabeth Jamerson. Fannie had the Jamerson name because her parents were not married.
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This is Fannie Jamerson and Willard Styles with their 9 children. Arnold, Mallie,Craig,Mary,Hugh, John,Delzie, Nellie and Alice Styles.
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David was the father of Fannie Laura Zettie Jamerson Rachel Emiline Armendia Elizabeth Jamerson was the mother of Fannie. Newt Parker was married and had other children.Fannie was born out of wedlock. (Parker/jamerson/styles)
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Debby Styles Hi Mary is this Naomi Brown? Was she once married to James Smith?
Apr 14, 2005 · posted to the photo Naomi, Emery Tonkinson
Debby Styles HI Could you tell me where your Davies are from? I am researching family of David Davies from Whales..wife Mary Douglas children Lillian Ellen, Bessie, Ida May, Kittie, Maragret, Susie, Tommie, and George...Many were from Fresno CA...San Francisco...Oakland.. Lillian married Charles Tyson. They lived in San Fran..CA If any of this sounds familar could you let me know..thanks debby
Jan 17, 2005 · posted to the photo Anna (Annie) Davies & family
Debby Styles Hi....Thanks for pointing that out....I got the picture with the names already on it from a distant relative..I wondered where the George fit in..because I have a list of the 8 children and did not find a George..I knew the other names were nick-names...Do you know was the picture taken in TX? I have a web page with some of this info If you want me to direct you there. I am missing some info on this family maybe we could compare notes and I could fill in some of the missing might have. I am related from Nancy Smiths side..thanks debby
Jan 14, 2005 · posted to the photo James Clyde Turner and Nancy Telitha Smith
Debby Styles Do you have any info about this Tyson? His full name? Where he is from? Who his family members are? Or anything? Thank you for any info you might have....debby
Nov 26, 2004 · posted to the photo E T Tyson
Debby Styles I looked and I already have it posted under James Clyde Turner and Nancy Telitha Smith any questions on the names or such I have more info on them. There are other pictures in here at different ages of them posted by others.
Oct 04, 2004 · posted to the photo Ida Smith Thompson(?) and family
Debby Styles Robert I have been out of town...I will look for more pictures of them but I don't think I have many more with either of them. I knew Darlene and her family when they lived here in Oroville. We use to visit them a lot. We had so few family members in CA that Aunt Bert and Aunt Elma were the only ones we visited a lot. I still remember Darlenes house in the country and playing with her boys, Patsy was grown so I did not know her really. I will email you once i am caught up on some things. take care debby
Oct 03, 2004 · posted to the photo John Smith
Debby Styles do you know how he fits in with our family....I have no Roberts...or Isabel......thanks debby
Jun 18, 2004 · posted to the photo Robert Edgar Smith - Button Photo
Debby Styles Do you have a date of birth and location on him? thanks debby
Jun 18, 2004 · posted to the photo Elmo Smith
Debby Styles My Smiths are from the N.E corner of OK. Miami, Commerce and because they are only miles from Baxter Springs KS and Joplin MO they are also in that area.
Feb 26, 2004 · posted to the photo William Franklin Smith