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About: I am researching my own Kennedy family (Islay, Scotland) as well as the Heffring family. I am also looking for connections to our family with the following surnames; McGillvrey, McNiven/Niven, Brown, McKee, Brooks, Farr & Locke.

Researching: Kennedy, Cameron, Mckee, Niven, Heffring, Heffering, Mcgilevry, Mcgillivrey, Mcniven

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Angus Kennedy, a shoemaker, and his family came to Galt, Ontario in 1861 from Islay, Scotland. He and his wife, Margaret McGillevry had 8 children, two of which went on to have families. Colin Kennedy and Louisa Helena Farr (my line) and Margaret Kennedy and Walter Seymour Allward. I am interested in connecting with family members (and reconnecting with some that I have lost touch with). Please e-mail me if you feel you have a connection. Cheers!
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