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About: I am building up a family tree uniting the following families: Pelton, Parker, Blue, Grey, Antrim, Dakin, Blacksher, Akin, Macey, Surface (Zerfass), Guffin (McGuffin), Seider. I would really love to find some more photographs for my online family tree.

Researching: Blue, Antrim, Parker, Grey, Dakin, Akin, Pelton, Surface, Mcguffin, Zerfass, Macey, Blacksher, Guffin

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This photo was taken when my Father, Dr. Eugene Charles Pelton, graduated from Medical School. He and my Mother, Helen Parker Pelton, are at left, and my Uncle Phillip Pelton and Aunt Leah Hanson Pelton are at right. I want to know who the short elderly lady in the center is. She appears to resemble my Father.
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On reverse, in pencil "Yours sincerely, Frank Hollingsworth" and with a rubber stamp "H.P. Finnerty Photographer, Newbridge Ireland."
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Family of William Elmer Blue, Supervisor of a railroad paint gang. Top:Ethel Blue (1896-1982), Martha Ellen Gray Blue (1870-1942), Margaret "Peggy" Blue (1892-1981). Bottom: William Elmer Blue (1865-1932), Curtis Blue (1900-1978).
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Marriage License of Lewis Guffin Parker and Ethel Blue.
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This is Dr. Peter James Parker MD, my Great Great Grandfather, who was a Cavalry officer in the Civil War and lived from 1846 to 1935.
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This is Margaret Emily Landsdowne Blue, born 1845, died 1933, and her children. I don't remember the names of the daughters right off, but the son is William Elmer Blue, born 1865, died 1932. He was the foreman of a paint gang for the railroad.
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Nothing much more known about this picture.
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He was an Engineer and Machinist for the Yosemite Valley Railroad, which no longer exists.
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Lewis Hawkins Guffin, Myra Surface Guffin, Grace Guffin Parker, Dr. Ashley Stephens Parker. Children are Sarah Parker and Lewis Guffin Parker.
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Marcus DeLafayette Gray photographed while cutting up a cord of wood. He was born in 1827 and died about 1900.
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Donald Pelton That was funny! You should not send one little man to drag a big one off to a POW camp.
Jan 16, 2005 · posted to the photo The Warren Hammond Family
Donald Pelton The names are (Left to right) Ada Blue, Lulu Blue, Margaret L. Blue, William Elmer Blue, Nettie Blue.
Aug 08, 2004 · posted to the photo Mrs. Blue and her children
Donald Pelton All Caucasian Blackshears, Blackshers, and Blackshaws can trace their ancestry back to one couple who came over just after the colonies were founded, therefore, I am related through a Great(3) Grandmother Nancy Blacksher, 1808-1901.
Jun 22, 2004 · posted to the photo Descendants of Josephine Blackshear
Donald Pelton I agree with web455, the picture appears to be taken during the Spanish American War, but I was going by the uniforms instead of the rifles. Uniforms tend to change about every 20 years or so. After the Spanish American war and before World war 1 they adopted shirts that were about the same tone as the pants.
Jun 21, 2004 · posted to the photo Old 1800s military photo