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About: I am a married Michigander born in Detroit researching surnames Wettig, Rutan, Cash, Garrity, Wood in paternal line and in my maternal line Glynn, Smith(uh oh), Melamphy with 26 different spellings, Sinclair, McKinnon, Murray, Irwin, Buriston, Brossard, Harpham, Taylor, McCumber, Dalton and others.

Researching: Taylor, Murray, Smith, Dalton, Erwin, Irwin, Cash, Sinclair, Mccumber, Rutan, Murry, Wettig, Garrity, Glynn, Molamphy, Melamphy, Malanaphy, Buriston, Brossard, Harpham, McKinnon

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This is Sarah Eliza McKinnon and probably her last husband James McKinnon although we are not sure. I have also posted a family story about her mysterious life.
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