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Wesely Rex Bosard and his grandson, my father, Edward Theodore Price: Taken probably 1912 or so as daddy looks to be about maybe 5. Note the dress and Buster brown haircut. Also the pride ion W.R;s face! Wish I knew why, exactly.
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Caleb Carroll, born Thomas County Georgia, brothers John Oliver and Joshua
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Stephen Carroll, one of my ancestors - I don't know much about him, this photo was sent my Charles Carroll a cousin. Stephen had brothers -- Caleb, Joshua and John Oliver. That's all I know
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My grandfather, Edward Wilson Price, born Aug 20 1876, died,Jan 1 1958. This was taken in Tampa FL 1939 at the family home at 1312 Alabama, per my (living) aunt, his daughter.
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Undated photo of Rose (aka Raizl) (Bonime) Wolf, my maternal grandmother, probably taken when my aunt Inez Wolf (I am guessing the is she, not my mother, who was probably not born yet) was about 4 years of age. (My mother was born Sept, 1920. Historical note- this means my grandmother was just about to become (or has just become) eligible to VOTE!
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Rose "Raizl" Wolf, probably with her first child Inez, in New York, New York circa 1918.
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Daddy,Ted Price, my sister (Noel) and me (Carroll) at the beach in Tampa, Florida in the 1950's.
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Me ( Edna Carroll Price) and my Russian born grandfather, George D. Wolf, in Knoxville Tennessee circa 1954.
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Bess Bonime with unk lady, 1910 Europe: This is scanned from an album with many photos but no captions:I am 99% sure the lady on the right is my grandmother Rose Bonime -- but it might be a sister, maybe Bess. Some shots are Paris. This may be.
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EdnaCarroll Straus sorry it is sidewise.
Oct 27, 2012 · posted to the photo George Wolf and Carroll Price, Tennessee 1954
EdnaCarroll Straus Note "Mom" is discreetly breast feeding the baby.
Oct 27, 2012 · posted to the photo Rose & Inez Wolf, New York 1918
EdnaCarroll Straus I have decided that was Bess on the right based on the recently found photo of Rose
Oct 27, 2012 · posted to the photo Bess Bonime, France c1910