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About: Reside in FL but originally from Southern NJ. Families Disbrow,Eldridge,Royal,Stryker are NJ lines; Carr,Gillespie and Hoopes from PA>NJ. Disbrow,Stryker from around Trenton area; Eldridge,Royal from Atlantic/Cumberland/Salem counties

Researching: Eldridge, Carr, Stryker, Disbrow, Royal, Hoopes, Gillespie

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Russell L. Disbrow out front of Cumberland Motors in Bridgeton NJ. The photo is a little "fuzzy" but the gas price sign states 15 cents plus 2 cents tax!
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Family portrait
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My paternal grandmother pictured around age 3.
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My mother, Marie M. Carr in her 1st Communion dress. Only childhood photo that I have of her.
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Portrait of Anna Stryker Disbrow daughter of Ralph Lane Stryker and Sarah Ann Clark. Married Rev. Wm. Disbrow.
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