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About: I have just started researching my family history. All surnames associated with these names: POSPISL(Pashpisel),Joseph,Anna,Annie,Barbara,Joseph,Frank,Mary,John,James,Emil,Charley,Maime,Lillian, Vivian; DVORAK:Caroline; RINEHART:Henry,Lavinna(Lorina),Robert,Ollie,Elary,Elmer,Pearl; HEINS:Hilda Marie Caroline; MEIROSE:Bernard Henrich,,Johann Heinrich; ROHE:Bernadine; VOLZ:Bertha,Johann; Rohe,Bernadina; MEIER:Rose Mary,Theodor Eustachius,Urs Christian; VON_ARX:Jacob,Barbara Anna; MOLL:Anna Marie; KREBS:Magdalena; HOOD:Robert J.,James R.,Frank,Harry H.; KRIEGER:Edwin(Red),Onie,Lucy; DAVIS:Sarah O.; Any info that you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Researching: Davis, Moll, Meyer, Hood, Meier, Dvorak, Volz, Pospisil, Meirose, Krieger, Weichman, Krebs, Von Arx, Rohe, Rinehart, Heins, Pashpisel

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50th Wedding Anniverary of Mr. and Mrs. Emil and Pearl (Rinehart) Pospisil.
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Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Hilda (Heins) Rinehart celebrate 50 years of marriage.
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Wedding photo of Robert Rinehart and Hilda Marie Caroline Heins taken in Omaha, Ne at the time of their marriage. The couple's place of residence was Wayne,...
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Family of Theodor Eustachius Meier and Bertha (Volz) Meier. The two oldest sons are missing from this picture.
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Wedding photo of: Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Heinrich and Rose Mary Meirose.
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Gloria Hood More Dvorak info: Drahomira Julia Draska Dvorak, twin sister to Carrie Dvorak Pospisil married James Haba; Ruzena Alojs (Rose) Dvorak married Adolf Vavra; Cecilie (Sarah?) Dvorak married Charles Novak; Ludmila K. (Katherine?) Dvorak married Joseph Novak; Winnie Dvorak married Anton D. Malovec;
Dec 19, 2013 · posted to the surname Pospisil
Gloria Hood New Info: Joseph Dvorak and Katherine Marie Bohaty
Dec 19, 2013 · posted to the surname Pospisil
Gloria Hood New information: Nebraska: Butler, Saunders, Knox Counties Surnames: Pospisil, Dvorak, Haba, Malovec, Vavra, Novak Joseph Pospisil and Anna Visata ???? Children: Joseph, Barbara, Anna, Frank, Mary and James Pospisil Joseph and Mary Dvorak (Dovorak-Devorok-Duorak) Children: Jim, Catharine(Bohusla), Devorok, Sarah(Celilir), Rose, Caroline(Carra-Carrie), Drahomira, Rudolph, Vincentrir, Winnie
Nov 06, 2013 · posted to the surname Pospisil
Gloria Hood I am researching surnames: Pospisil, Dvorak (Dovorak), Krucha Kurutz, Ayers, Rinehart, Hines, Semradova Joseph Pospisil and Anna (Krucha) (Kurutz) (Saunders County, NE area) James (Jim) S. Pospisil and Caroline (Carrie**) (Dvorak) Children: Charley, Emil, Lillian, Mamie, Vivian (Saunders, Butler, Knox County areas) Frank Pospisil and wife, Barbara, son, William Pospisil Joseph Dvorak and wife, Mary, (possibly Marie Semradova) Children, Jim, Catharine, Sarah, Rosie, Amelia, **Carra, Rudolph R. Dvorak (Butler County, NE area)
Oct 30, 2013 · posted to the surname Pospisil