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Who am I? Found this online - seems sad he is destined to be classified as "unknown"...I truly hope someone recognizes him..His helmet says it all
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This is a photo I discovered online, showing my grade school, way before I was born and would attend. The School had been rebuilt and I attended it for 8 years. The school is no longer in it's original spot, it's been demolished but some of the bricks were used in the new school at the new location. It was originally at an intersection called Goodals corners - then it was Big Hollow, Ingleside. The New Big Hollow is still considered Ingleside but is far from the original location.
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Front Row Center - Leonard Konieczka - Believed to be in Papau New Guinea..He was a PFC Co. 565 Sig. A.W., B.M
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This was in a box of photo negatives found in Leonard Konieczka's Estate...the location could be in New Guinea...somewhere between 1942-1945
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New Guinea residents...where Leonard Konieczka served in the Army - '42/'45
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Wedding May 1942: The Bride is Alice Klawinski and the groom is Leonard Konieczka - I have no clue why or who the angry wedding guest is...and it looks like her male companion is holding her back from something she is contemplating!
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Brothers saying good-bye: The person in uniform is believed to be Casmir P Klawinski...The tall man to his left is either Henry or Daniel Klawinski - No notations on photo
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Somethin Fishy: The woman on the viewers to the boy holding a fishing rod is Alice (Klawinski) Konieczka...who married Leonard Konieczka.. looking closely at the 1942 license plate on vehicle in photo..people back then barely noted any photo, so the only clues are what items in photo could possibly be dated..background, car lic plates..etc.
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School Days: Leonard Konieczka School photo 1927...he was born about 1916/1917 - so in this photo he is probably about 9/10 yrs old
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Boot Camp: Viewer L to R: Unknown Mary Konieczka Leonard Konieczka
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Grace Bergloff Looking for a NELS (Swain ?) Stoilen connected to Jolborg Moen
Feb 14 · posted to the surname Stoilen
Grace Bergloff At 1958 MT on 17 January 1944 B-17 - Tail # 42-30576 departed Rapid City Army Air Base for a bombing training mission named "First Phase"..o be conducted over the Ainsworth (Nebraska) Bombing Range. The mission should have lasted approximately 4 hours. After take-off the aircraft did not maintain contact with Rapid City Army Air Base, nor did they contact the Ainsworth Bombing range. At approximately 2350 hours, residents of the small town of Martin South Dakota reported the crash of a multi-engined aircraft to the control tower of Rapid City Army Air Base. Aircraft #42-30576 had crashed south and west of the town of Martin South Dakota. The entire crew of 7 perished in this accident. In Memory of: 1st Lt. James P Keirnan - Pilot 2nd Lt. Augustine S. Frazone - Co-Pilot 2nd LT. Peter L Paget - Navigator 1st Lt. Earl C James - Bombardier Staff Sgt. Casimer P Klawinski - Engineer Staff Sgt. E;vom R Pritchard - Radio Operator Staff Sgt. Edward J Miserski - Aerial Gunner
May 04, 2014 · posted to the photo 398/603rd Bomb Squadron
Grace Bergloff Viewer's Left to Right Joseph, Stella and 2 unknown children.. ca. before 1942, as Grandpa Joe passed away in 1942. Together Josef and Stella had to the best of our knowledge 12 children: Casimer, Chester, Eugenia, Loretta, Alice, Florian, Lucille, Daniel, Henry, Alfred, Elaine and one stillborn baby girl. Stella's maiden name was Suchecki and her parents names were: Josef Suchecki who married Maria David. I loved my Grandma a lot and remember how warm and safe it made me feel when she wrapped her arms around me whenever I was afraid or sad. I think I was somewhere between 3 and 5 when she passed away.
Apr 03, 2014 · posted to the photo Stella Klawinski & family