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on left is Delf Hickey and right is his brother, Ernest Osmond HIckey. Delf died in a hunting accident shot accidentally by his brother Ernie. According to Ernie's daughter, June Hickey Ernie was so distraught because of the accident he had to be taken away in a straight jacket so he didn't hurt himself. Ernie loved to two-step and was a great dancer.
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Ernest Osmond Hickey Your maternal grandfather Birth 31 Jan 1899 in Ontario Death in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada Son of William John (John) Hickey Birth Sept 22, 1861 in Ontario Death 29 Jul 1911 in Frontenac and Catherine Jane Robson Birth June 4, 1864 in Parkham, Ontario, canada brothers: Adolphus (DELF) John Hickey 1885 – Michael Hickey 1888 – william thomas hickey 1890 – 1955 Edward Hickey 1893 – Harold Steven (went by steve) Hickey 1894 – Percy Louis Hickey 1896 – 1981 Ernest Osmond Hickey 1899 – Florence L Hickey 1900 – Elizabeth Hickey 1904 – Francis(FRANK) Leroy Hickey 1906 –
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My Aunt June Hickey (Lilly's - Lillian Maude Smith's granddaughter) used to love to churn butter, which is what she is doing in this photo taken in Saskatchewan, Canada
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Lillian Smith Birth 9 Dec 1874 in Macoupin, Macoupin, Illinois, United States Death 20 Dec 1943 in Howard Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada Daughter of Orson Phelps Smith Birth 13 Apr 1848 in Macoupin, Macoupin, Illinois, United States Death 13 Jul 1918 in Springfield, Capitol, Sangamon, Illinois Son of Clarissa Phelps (1805-New York) and Comfort Smith (1800-Connecticut).
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Jacqueline Read My connection to the Phelps is that Lillian Maude Smith(1874) was my great grandmother. Her dad, Orson Phelps Smith (1848) was my 2nd great grandfather. His mother, clarissa phelps (1805) who married comfort smith was my 3rd great grandmother. Her father, Darius Phelps (1772) was my 4th great grandfather. His father, Ichabod Phelps (1749) was my 5th great grandfather, His father, Elijah Phelps (1924) was my 6th great grandfather. His father, Noah Phelps (1694) was my 7th great grandfather. His father was Timothy Phelps Jr. (1663) was my 8th great grandfather. His father was Timothy Phelps (1639) my 9th great grandfather. His father was William Phelps (1599) was my 9th great grandfather. My greatest struggle is finding sources for Clarissa and Darius Phelps. Is there anyone who can provide the documentation for me? I am working on a family tree for my entire family and when someone is paying to have a book published it is nice to have all documents to support. If anyone is from the same family line I can also share information with you. Thanks all pls contact me at jackie.read@gmail.com
Jan 19, 2014 · posted to the surname Phelps