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This pastel and charcoal enhanced photo was locate din a thrift stroe in Richmond Virginia. I believe the subject was 25-30 and photographed circa 1880-1890. I would like toreunit the original with the family. Contact me her name is written on the back
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Jerry Dagenhart In what state did they live?
Apr 28, 2007 · posted to the photo Lige & Minnie Teague/Tigue
Jerry Dagenhart Sorry to inform you this but by no means is this a portrait of someone born 1769.It is a Charcoal enhanced photograph from a photo taken Circa 1890 of what appears to be someone roughly 30 years old.This is not a drawing from life. Mail order companies mass produced these enlargements from small originals by printing an enlaregd photo on enlarged vellum and then artists enhanced the images with chalk,pastel and or Charcoal. This is someoen born 1860-1870 not 1769. Sorry.Did you mean to type 1869?
Jul 08, 2004 · posted to the photo John Addison Dennis Portrait
Jerry Dagenhart Vickie Thanks to your correspondence and a Little research,I believe this family is the Henry and Lula D Reed Family of Etowah Alabama. The Chidlren in the 1900 census match gender and age exactly and Margaret B Dunn lived in the same Precinct in 1900 in Etowah County. The Chidlren are Walter A Mandie L Mattie E James L Eddie B Ethel M and Baby Henry R on his Fathers knee I also believe that Lula May be a Dunn or a sister to Margaret B
Jul 07, 2004 · posted to the photo Henry Reed family