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About: I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I have family from all over and many ethnic backgrounds. I am looking for The family name: Nash, Axmacher, Wesley, Fadell, Young, Newell, McNair, DeLeary, and Navarre. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Nash is Indian, Axmacher-German, Wesley-English, Fadell-Syrian.

Researching: Young, Nash, Newell, Wesley, Axmacher, Fadell, Papin

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This is a picture of my grandparents. My grandfather was Billy C Axmacher born 2/20/1912 in Cambria, Pennsylvania and died 7/4/1986 in Roseville, Michigan. My grandmother was Ruby C Wesley (Axmacher) and was born 3/1/1922 in Pulaski, Kentucky and died 8/1/1996 in Washington Twp, Michigan.
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Funeral Card for Ruby Jean Nash
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Rhyan's Baptism showing 4 generations of the Nash/Fadell family lineage
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Albert Nash was a student at Carlisle Industrial Indian School and was full-blooded Winnebago Indian.
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