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Dave Martin commented on May 18, 2010
I have been searching for the biological father of my g grandmother, Sarah Francis Martin born Sept. 11, 1862 , Arkansas. Through much research and viewing US Census I found that Sarah Francis Young was the daugher of James Young Jr. who belonged to the Arkansas 19th Infantry (Dawson's) Company D. He was captured and as a POW was detained in Camp Douglas, Illinois. It was here that he contracted small pox. James was exchanged to a small pox hospital in Petersburg, Virginia in Feb. 1863 and died on April 18, 1863. He had married Harriet Ralls (Young) She is living with the James Young SR. family along with her husband , James Jr. and is listed in the US Census of 1860. She could not be a sibling for she is not listed with the Young family in the US Census of 1850 . After James Young JR. died Harriet remarried a Josephus Perrin and she is listed as his wife in the US. Census of 1870 along with her daughter Sarah Francis YOUNG who now takes on the Perrin name. Josephus and Harriet have other offspring after they married. I have the death certificate/funeral records and marriage contract of Sarah Francis YOUNG (Perrin) Martin. Francis died on Aug. 7, 1929 in Wynnewood, Garvin County, Oklahoma. She is buried in Oaklawn cemetery alongside her husband, James Wyley Martin .
Rose Young commented on Jul 11, 2010
I am searching for Young family from Georgia. My great-grand father born in Georgia around 1833 was Chester Young, Jr. He died in Louisiana in 1926. If you have any information about the family, please email me at '[contact link]'. Any help, advice, or suggestions will greatly be appreciated.
Dave Martin commented on Jan 23, 2011
My story begins with the Research of my great paternal grandparents. I had already obtained a copy of my grandad's death certificate. On my grandad's death certificate it had his mother's name as Francis Pearin and his dad's name as "Jim" Martin. Well, it wasn't much difficulty finding out about James Martin because I had talked with some older cousins and my Aunt before she passed away and in the back of her bible it pretty much had the same thing. Jim Martin and his birth year and death year. I did find out the information about him. My aunt told me that Francis (Pearin) Martin was buried in Oaklawn cemetery in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. I went to the local library in Wynnewood, Oklahoma and found a Francis Martin who died of dropsy in 1929. I had no more information about Jim other than his name could be James Martin born in Smith County, Mississippi in 1856. I went to the Wynnewood funeral home to see if they could assist me in locating if my grandparents were buried in Oaklawn cemetery in Wynnewood. Sure enough they were very kind to me and looked up and I then learned the full name of my great grandad, James Wyley Martin born in Dec. 1856 in Smith County, Mississippi and died December 22, 1925 in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. I finally found graves all with no headstones. On my g grandmother's burial certificate it listed her dad's last name as "YOUNG". Here lies the dilema. How come on my grandad's death certificate my grandmother had listed her name as Francis Pearin when on Francis Martin's burial certificate it said her dad's last name was YOUNG? Well, now the search continues. After much research I found out that she was born in Sept. 1862 as Sarah Francis Young to James W. Young Jr. and Harriet (Ralls) Young . Her dad , James Young, died as a prisoner of war in the Civil War of small pox in a hospital in Petersburg, Virginia and is buried in Blanton cemetery in Petersburg. He died in 1863. He may have never seen his daughter Francis (my g grandmother). Francis mother, Harriet remarried a Josephus Perrin (not Pearin) and in the United States Federal Census she is mentioned as Francis Perrin (even though she was not adopted). She later married my grandad, James Wyley Martin on November 30, 1876 in Blackwood township, Howard County, Arkansas and now I have a copy of their marriage license. Francis Young (name on the marriage license) was 15 years old and James was 20 yrs old. I also have a copy of the ledger of a list of Martin's that were married around that time. On the ledger, right above James W. Martin and Francis Young is my gg grandad and his new bride of a couple of years before that. I have a since joined a Perrin family website and they had more info. to confirm my great grandmothers identity and that of her Father, James W. Young Jr. and his family history. I have since found out that her mother , Harriet married a third time to a man named Henry Logan and when she passed away she if buried in a cemetery, Fairview in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It goes to show you to keep 'digging' if you want to find and in some of the Federal Census that were taken there were mistakes. In the 1860 Federal Census, Harriet is listed as a male living in the house of the James Young Sr. family in Sulphur Springs, Polk County, Arkansas. In looking at past Census there was no son named Harriet living in the Young household. Only in the US Federal Census of 1860. She had already married James Young Jr. and was living with the family because after he died she is not mentioned with that same Young family in the US Census of 1870. Common sense has to be used when looking at some of these Census. Because since everyone is in the grave that would know the information family history in some families is nearly NIL. Thanks for letting me ramble but it has been interesting in unveiling the paternal side . I have uncovered back to my ggggg grandfather. Well, until later now..... I will "keep on digging up bones" :-)
David Buck commented on Mar 28, 2014
Please contact me if you have any info on Loyde, he was my grandfather and I am trying to get any info I can.
David Buck 6093521927

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