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About: Most interested in finding long lost cousins who may have info on families other than what I have. Extremely interested in native american ancestry (predominantly Cherokee...but will accept others) from the areas of GA,TN and AR. Have connected cousins who have contacted me who are related closer than I.

Researching: Ellis, Griffin, Smith, Pittman, Jennings, Mitchell, Rountree, Hickman, Shaver, Sanders, Pennington, Voss, Tuttle, Proctor, Looney, Luna, Sikes, Schirmer, Begley, Nield

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This is a picture of Mary Ann Pollyann Sanders (Hogan). She married John L Sanders(some say he is actually John Walkingstick...this is unproven)...and had Amanda Carline Sanders who was Mary Adeline Ellis's mothers. She was the daughter of Anthony Hogan and Jenny Amy Luna. The Luna/Looney name is common in Cherokee history.
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This is Franklin Pierce, grandson of Charlotte Mitchell Voss and Robert James Voss. He carries the native characteristics seen in his grandmother Charlotte and his mother's family the Penningtons(look for this surname info)...and his wife gets her's from her mother's family the Sanders and Lunas(Looney).
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These are pictures of Robert James Voss and his wife Charlotte Mitchell...who was Cherokee and according to 'oral history' was adopted by the Mitchell family in 1814 along with her older brother.
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Jessie Rountree Do you show any history back into GA?? I have descendancy from the Sikes/Sykes of Athens GA. jes rountree
Aug 03, 2009 · posted to the story Sikes/Sykes Family
Jessie Rountree I'm thinking you might be a distant relative to the Vosses in AR...and back into TN. check out the photos of Robert James Voss and Charlotte Mitchell, and Franklin Pierce Voss and his wife Mary Adelaide Ellis. thx, jes
Aug 03, 2009 · posted to the story John Wilbur Voss in Okla.
Jessie Rountree I am a descendant of the Looney (Luna) clan. Can you tell me the family see if we're kin. jes rountree
Feb 22, 2005 · posted to the photo Looney Clan
Jessie Rountree Can you tell me where Morgan's family came from. I am from the Penningtons in Lawrenceburg, TN. We carry Cherokee blood. I am wondering if we are connected.
Mar 01, 2004 · posted to the photo George Washington Marks Family, Texas 1890
Jessie Rountree Hey there...I'm descended from the Penningtons in Lawrenceburg, TN area.My gggrandmother was Susanna Pennington, and married William James Voss. Any connection??
Mar 01, 2004 · posted to the photo The Pennington Homeplace
Jessie Rountree I have an Absalom Looney, son of Robert and Elizabeth Looney, from the Isle of Man. My line is his brother Peter (born in 1734), in Philadelphia, PA. I don't have any info for Absalom...but would bet that it's on the net. jes
Dec 28, 2003 · posted to the photo September 1791 Will - Absolom Looney
Jessie Rountree My Sanders line has an Emma Sanders in it, daughter to Asa Counts Sanders and his wife Nancy Cates. Her full name was Emma E Sanders...born in Marshall, Searcy Cty, AR.
Dec 27, 2003 · posted to the photo Mrs. Emma Sanders
Jessie Rountree Hello Kathy...I posted some info on here about the Sanders as well. Thanks for the cemetary plots. I have a home now in Hector, AR where my Voss/Ellis/Sanders folks moved to. jes rountree
Dec 26, 2003 · posted to the photo Sanders Cemetery Plots