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Jessie Rountree This story starts in Athens, GA, in about 1898. My ggrandfather Zechariah Sikes, and his wife Loucinda Caroline Pittmann, plus their adult and younger children moved their family from Athens to Hector, AR beginning about his time. At first Zachary (as he chose to be called upon moving to AR) the men of the family (Draughn Marable, his son in law; Talmadge, Philip Holman, and Tiny Buckner); plus two black couples who were from Loucindas family's plantation, came along to clear the land, and build two houses. His son Claude, who was his eldest didn't come at that time, as he was off with his Uncle James, in Texas, homesteading a claim out there. He didn't come back to GA until about 1902. In 1899 when the land was cleared and the homes built Zachary, and Loucinda; Draughn Marable, his wife Blanche Ethleen Sikes, and their two children; Talmadge, Mae, Carrie Lou, Philip Holman (my grandfather), and his younger brother, Tiny Buckner all came to live in Hector (well up on the mtn, above the Creek anyway). Loucinda Caroline died very shortly after they moved there. Then Ggrandfather Zachary had to return to his parents in GA, as his mom passed. Then his youngest son Tiny Buckner (and my grandfathers playmate)passed. Not long after that he had to return to GA again, to deal with his brother James being shot and killed by his son (accidentally), and my GUncle Claude viewing the shooting. Such a sad series of tragedies to mark the moving to a new place to live. The two black couples who had traveled with them were treating very hostily by the people of Hector, and chose to move to a black settlement not far from there (Blackwell). This happened while Ggrandpa Zachary was back in GA at his mother's funeral. They never did come back to the Sikes homestead. Seems that Draughn and Blanche Ethleen; Uncle Claude and his wife Polly; and my grandfather Philip Holman (called Grandpa Jake from here on), and his wife Amanda Tennessee Voss all farmed the land up above the creek. At some point there was a fire and I think my Grandpa Jake and Grandma Tennie (as she was called) moved down into one of the other homesteads Ggrandpa had bought in Hector (3 all totaled it's said), and I believe Draughn and Blanche Ethleen followed not long after that. My dad, Philip Ganey; his brothers Ralph, and Zeke; and sister Lucile, were all born by this time. At this point they moved into the house on Pettittown Loop, that would later become my Uncle Ralph's home. Later on they moved into the house on Walnut Road (where I now have my home), sharing this with my Ggrandfather Zachary, as he needed to be looked after. Not too long after that my Ggrandfather Franklin Pierce Voss also moved in there, and my Grandma Tennie took care of both of them. It was this event which allowed my Aunt Lucile, the keeper of the family stories to begin to hear stories of home back in Athens, GA, and the story of the Vosses coming from TN to GA. I have taken on the job of trying to pass the stories along, as my Aunt is the only left of my father's siblings, and their spouses.
Aug 03, 2009 · posted to the surname Sikes
Jessie Rountree This is actually the story before Zechariah Sikes and Loucinda Caroline Pittmann moved from Athens, GA, to Hector, AR in 1898. It's the stories of the Sikes, Pittmann, Jennings, Gathright, and so on backwards to when my GGGgrandfather Zechariah settled in Jackson County, GA. My ggrandfather Zechariah Sikes who left Athens, GA, was the son of John Thomas Sikes, and Prudence Jennings. He was the eldest son of this union, and so it was confusing to me that he was not selected as the executor of his father's will. But we'll get to that later on. John Thomas was the son of Zechariah Sikes, and Winifred House. We have only recently discovered that this line goes back to a Willoughy Sikes. This was discovered by another researcher, and so I don't have the actual documentation to prove that. I have recently also discovered that there are others who have posted information of the Pittmann family on here. These are related to my Ggrandmother Loucinda Caroline Pittmann, who grew up in the Nicholson, GA area. Her father Archibald, and brother (whose name escapes me at this time) both were in the Pittmann Brigade that fought Sherman's March to the sea, and perished in doing so. My GGgrandfather's estate (John Thomas), and his father's estate (Zechariah Sikes...the first) were settled at the same time; because the spinster daughters of Zechariah were allowed to live in the house until they passed, which was about the same time as John Thomas. I was able to ascertain some interesting information on the land that the Sikes owned in the Athens area by visitng there and running into a descendant of my Ggrandpa John Thomas's sister, Rebecca. She drove myself, and my son, Sean, around to the houses of the Sikes that still lived in the area, explaining that those homes had intially belonged to ancestors. We got there just in time to see land being submerged until holding ponds that were being constructed. This visit occurred sometime in the early 2000's. We also got to see the cemeteries in Athens (Sikes), and the ruins, and cemetery of the Pittman's in Nicholson. Both were surrounded by housing developments, and were said to be protected by the developers. Now back in current day, when I was growing up and visiting AR (as my father had moved us to WI after WWII) every summer; I was always told that I had the Sikes characteristics, and coloring (large nose, fair hair and skin). But after visiting in GA I came to find out that those characteristics were actually from the Pittmanns (scots-irish) and the Sikes were actually dark haired and eyed. Not long after I started this research I was contacted by someone during research on the Athens Artillery, which was a branch of the military that contained the historic families of Athens in the War Between the States. I was able to supply him with the names of families who married into the Sikes that might also have been members of that. That enabled him to give me information that certain branches had indeed been members. His work is published online at Athens Artillery (search on that). There have been many stories regarding these families as you go backwards in time. Most of them are not to be shared with those outside of the family. But if you a connection, and a question I would be glad to share what I know. jes rountree
Aug 03, 2009 · posted to the surname Sikes
Jessie Rountree This story has been passed down in my family from generation to generation. Charlotte Mitchell who married Robert James Voss was Cherokee. She was not the birthchild of Thomas Mitchell and his wife...but was found along with her older brother in a campground outside of Chattanooga TN in approximately 1814. She was just walking(approximately a year old)and her brother was 2-3. This puts her birthdate at 1813 and her brother about 1810. We have never been able to substantiate this as we didn't have her "native name". Back when the Vosses could have applied for benefits from the Guion Miller Roll or Dawes, Robert James's grandsons, Franklin Pierce and Robert William were told by their father William James, that they needed to learn how to live in the white man's world and told them not to apply. In my research I came across a story about a "Massacre of Women and Children in 1810"...of Chickamauga Cherokee. This occurred in KY but not to far from where these children were found....and it seems that after this massacre the parents in this group were encouraged by their leaders to find safe places for their children(including giving them to folks to be raised as white). This would fit with the story that the parents of the children who were adopted were on the run and needed their children to be safe.
Dec 01, 2002 · posted to the surname Voss
Jessie Rountree This story fits in with the Vosses, Mitchells, and Pennington's of Lawrence Cty, TN. Franklin Pierce Voss married Mary Adeline Ellis...whose mother was Amanda Carline Sanders Ellis...daughter to Mary Ann Pollyann Hogan Sanders and John L Sanders. As I mentioned before I thought that Mary Adeline carried alot of native I set out to find the source. In doing so I met up with another family researcher who felt that John L Sanders...Mary Ann's husband was John Walkingstick of the Cherokee. I have not been able to find documetation that verifies this. However, when you look at this picture...after already seeing Mary Adelines you can see where the looks came from. I also have a picture of Amanda Carline Sanders(Mary Adeline's mom)and James Henry Ellis. I'll post those separately.
Dec 01, 2002 · posted to the surname Sanders
Jessie Rountree You may have already seen Franklin's grandparents pictures(Robert James Voss and Charlotte Mitchell)and their stories. If that before you read this. Franklin carries native blood from his grandmother Charlotte(read her story)...and his own mother Susanna Pennington(don't have pictures of her...she died young and he was only 5 years old). The Vosses, Penningtons and Sanders all got together in Lawrence Cty TN(near what is now Henryville, TN) in about the early 1800's(as did the Mitchells...covered in the previous story under Robert James Voss). Supposedly the Vosses and Sanders came from NC and the Penningtons GA. Just recently I was contacted by Joe Sitting Owl White, the Principal Chief of the Cherokee in Lawrence Cty, use some of the research I had on the Penningtons(who were the primary family in this group of Cherokee who settled in TN). The Pennington line had two Cherokee women marry into it in succession...Mary Tuttle and Susanna Proctor. This means that Franklin's grandmother Charlotte and his mother Susanna both would have carried the blood...making him native on both sides. I also believed for a long time that his wife....Mary Adeline Ellis carried blood(check her features). So I began investigating the Ellis/Sanders/Luna/Looney lines. Go to that picture and story for more info.
Dec 01, 2002 · posted to the surname Voss
Jessie Rountree I am a descendant of the Looney (Luna) clan. Can you tell me the family see if we're kin. jes rountree
Feb 22, 2005 · posted to the photo Looney Clan
Jessie Rountree Hey there...I'm descended from the Penningtons in Lawrenceburg, TN area.My gggrandmother was Susanna Pennington, and married William James Voss. Any connection??
Mar 01, 2004 · posted to the photo The Pennington Homeplace
Jessie Rountree I have an Absalom Looney, son of Robert and Elizabeth Looney, from the Isle of Man. My line is his brother Peter (born in 1734), in Philadelphia, PA. I don't have any info for Absalom...but would bet that it's on the net. jes
Dec 28, 2003 · posted to the photo September 1791 Will - Absolom Looney
Jessie Rountree Hello Kathy...I posted some info on here about the Sanders as well. Thanks for the cemetary plots. I have a home now in Hector, AR where my Voss/Ellis/Sanders folks moved to. jes rountree
Dec 26, 2003 · posted to the photo Sanders Cemetery Plots
Jessie Rountree My Sanders line has an Emma Sanders in it, daughter to Asa Counts Sanders and his wife Nancy Cates. Her full name was Emma E Sanders...born in Marshall, Searcy Cty, AR.
Dec 27, 2003 · posted to the photo Mrs. Emma Sanders
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