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About: i was born in ar. i am looking for info. on the TALLEY, WHITLOW,AND HUDDLESTON FAMILY. starting at Marked Tree Ak.

Researching: Talley, Huddleston, Whitlow

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Jimmie Lou Talley born 1949
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Jimmie Lou Talley about 18 months old we lived at what is now called poinsette lake.I think aunt Gal and uncle Don owned the place . my little grannie lived there too.
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Jimmie lou Talley 1 year old .mother Redalue Blackwell-Talley. father Boyd Reed Talley (Goob). gramma Minnie Whitlow- Talley and grampa Nimrod Talley
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left to right- Jesse Whitlow - William (Bill)Whitlow- Robert Whitlow is Bill Whitlow`s son. Jesse and Bill Whitlow is Minnie Whitlow-Talley`s brothers.one in front is Minnie and Nimrod Talley`s oldest son Willie A. Talley(Bill)
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this is my mom Redalue Blackwell-Talley this is after she married dad Boyd Reed Talley (Goob). she married at 14 and dad was 21 in 1947.
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this is my little grannie her name was minnie whitlow -talley married nimrod talley .he died before i was born she is holding me in her arms. iwas about 4 or 5 months old.i weighed about 4lbs. when i was born.my grannie didn`t weigh much mre than 75 or 80 lbs. so we were little bitty people. my folks were olive skin i suspect we had indian on both sides but here i am red hair and green eyes my dad had green eyes most every one else had piercing blue eyes
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this is Jimmie Lou Talley taken about 1958 red curly hair bright green eyes and freckles from head to toe. my daddy Goob Talley, thought i was beautiful ugh! I was about 8 yrs. old
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this is my mom and dad at a christmas party.Goob Talley and Redalue Blackwell- Talley
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left to right-- Bobby don Talley sitting on the hood of the car, my little daddy Boyd reed Talley(Goob)standing next to Bob. Morris dee Talley,Willie a. Talley (Bill) and on the end brother-law Leon Beuler married to Merle jean Talley and the man with his back turned is brother-law Hugh Allen(Don) married to Lois Talley(Gal)
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around the 4th of july my little grannie and her youngest son bobby don talley and of course that`s me behind grannie.we were all having fun that day
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Jimmie Strange he IS a talley but I don`t know who.
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Jimmie Strange looks like the blackwell family to me
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Jimmie Strange we have some of the same folks in our tree "arkansas Talley Twigs"
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Jimmie Strange sure looks like my talley`s
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Jimmie Strange i know he is kin to me but how
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Jimmie Strange he sure looks a lot like my brother.
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Jimmie Strange they look like they may be kin to my talley`s
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