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About: Former Marine 03/74 - 03/76 Air/Naval Gunfire Platoon, Com Company, HqBn 3rd MARDIV, Okinawa Searching for Tatum, Brown, Stamper, Haley, Morales

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Rose (Paterno) Prater, my mother.
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This photo is one of many that I have of my father, Msgt Elmer Prater (far right, front). He was the NCOIC of a Supply Section at Clarksville, TN at the time of this photo. Who are the other Marines? Contact
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Taken on-board a South Vietnam LST carring 543 refugees. We were in Subic Bay waiting to allow the refugees to disembarke. Sgt. Roxberry, Richard Tatum, Danny Stamper, Ron Haley and me (John Prater) were assigned to this ship for three days. We provided the refugees with c-rations and water brought to us by command. The morning of the second day we,(using our PRC-25) requested milk for the 24 infants onboard. When the milk arrived the entired ship cheered. I am glad I had this experience.
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