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About: Searching for Lee, Cason, Buchanan, McDonald, and Miller lines. All of these have ties to south Georgia - Ware Co, Waycross, Blackshear, etc. I am specifically searching for information re: the wife of William Henry Buchanan d. 1864 in Civil War. Wife's name was Annie but surname is unknown. She gave birth on one child - Annie Belle Buchanan, 1865 probably born in Macon, Ga. as this is where her father died during the Civil War of thyphoid. Annie (the mother) is listed on a document "Salt Rations to Widows of Civil War Veterans" 1864. Would love to know who she was and from where she came.

Researching: Miller, Mcdonald, Lee, Buchanan, Cason

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This is my mother on her wedding day. She passed away in 2006 following a lengthy battle with cancer. I've often though how beautiful she looked on this day. Her life with my father was not an easy one but God sent her a wonderful husband for the last 37 years of her life. They were very happy.
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This is a copy of a tintype of William Henry Buchanan b. 1843 d.1864 in the Civil War of typhoid contracted in the epidemic of 1863. He died in Macon, Ga. and is buried in an unmarked grave in Rose Hill Cemetery, Macon, Ga. His name is on a list of 267 soldiers who are buried in unmarked graves. He was married to Annie "unknown" and was the father of one child - Annie Belle Buchanan who married Walter L. Cason of Waycross, Ga. in 1885.
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