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Updated Mar 18, 2023


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Theresa Shurtleff commented on Aug 31, 2008
The Lee Family has a little mystery about it. It is said that George and Lora (Cooper) Lee came to the United States in 1895 from Ireland. Some how they ended up in Arkansas (no records to prove this), because the records building burnt down. My grandfather Emmett Lee was born in Clarendon,Arkansas in the year 1896. His father was killed by horsethieves two weeks before his son was born.Burial( unknown) Lora died six moths after Emmett's Birth. Then he was raised to the age of eight years old by his grandmother.(no name) He was the raised by an old man (that is what Emmett called him) And went to Brinkley School until he went into the Army in 1918. No more is known about the Lee Family. Emmett and wife Emeline had four children.There are numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren. Emmett has long sense passed away also Emeline.
Vickie Pierce commented on Dec 07, 2008
my greatgrandpa name was jes (jesse) leehe was married to besse or (bessie) chaplin
dont know when they were married they had children not sure how many jesse lee was a tx. ranger that liked to help the outlaws my grand mother would tell us storys about how she would wake up in the morrnings to find frank and jesse james sitting at the table eating
there were other outlaws to but this on stands out more ..
i've been tryn to find some type of history on this but cant i've also been doing some resurch on the lee family due to the fact jesse lee was supposed to of been a decendat of gen. robert e leebut i've had no luck in my search if you think u can help email me [contact link]
Nancie Lee commented on Aug 04, 2019
I've been told the same thing from my grandfather John E Lee Jr. That Gen. Robert E . Lee was suppose to be in our family as well.
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