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A photo of Thomas James Arcala, Sr. in Hawaii.
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A photo of Susan Laurain
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This is a photo that was in my mother's photo album. She has no idea who they are, but obviously someone my dad knew. My dad is now deceased, so I'm left without knowing. If you look closely, the man has a military shirt on, as there is a rank patch on his left sleeve. My dad was originally from Detroit, Michigan, served in the USMC, and lived in both Hawaii and Long Beach when he served. I'm not sure if those would be enough clues to find out who they are.
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This was my grandmother Lenore Barron from Detroit, Michigan. She was the daughter of Harvey Barron and Susan Laurain, of French-Canadian descent.
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Kyong-Mi Arcala Great picture. Chester Laurain and my grandmother Lenore Evelyn Barron were 1st Cousins 1x Removed. His father Lucius Andrew Laurain was my 2nd great-grandfather Francis Xavier Laurain's brother. I do see a resemblance to my grandmother's family...big time.
May 26, 2014 · posted to the person Chester Andrew Laurain
Kyong-Mi Arcala The image of her that I used was from Ebay:
Feb 08, 2012 · posted to the photo Beautiful Celebrity Photo