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Lindsay Crawford From my family history: James Chivers was baptized in 1841 at Winterbourne Monkton, Wiltshire,England. The 1851 census showed James aged 11 as a boy shepherd. In 1857 his family migrated arriving at Melbourne on 20th August 1857, aged 16 years. His family settled at Broken River (Benalla) where their mother's sister, Maria, lived. In 1862 James selected land at one pound per acre in the Parish of Tatong, which they called "Savernake Farm". The adjoining block was selected in 1869 and it was about this time that the father, William, died aged 59 years (BDM:8483). He was married at the age of 35 to Mary Boyd, aged 24, daughter of Ellen and David Boyd, on 1st May, 1877, at Holy Trinity Church of England, Benalla, by licence BDM:1241. They had a family of nine sons and three daughters. George Frederick b 1878 Benalla BDM:6897 d 30/7/1963 (Ben. Cem.) Alice b 1881 Benalla BDM:21364 Charles Joseph b 1883 Benalla, BDM:21529 d 4/4/1910 (Ben. Cem.) David b 1884 Benalla, BDM:6598 d 6 Oct 1902 (Benalla Cem.) age 22 Samuel Francis b 1885 BDM:7884 d 12/5/1963 (Ben. Cem.) James Algernon b 1886 Benalla BDM:8572 d 7/6/1967 (Ben. Cem.) John Alexander b 1887 BDM:8645 William Edward b 1888 BDM:26823 Also, from Mary's probate (see below): Mary Ellen Dinning (Mrs) Robert Henry Chivers b 1892 d 1/10/1960 (Ben. Cem.) Agnes Maud Chivers (Miss) James set about acquiring land and as at 1892 he owned the following: 263 acres land Parish Kilfeera 289 acres land Parish Rothesay 483 acres land Parish Tatong (including house). This house would be on the Savernake blocks of total 114 acres. On 4th October, 1901, he bought Kilfeera Homestead of 498 acres for £7.2s.6d. (seven pounds, two shillings and sixpence) per acre. James Chivers died on 7th March, 1907, aged 66 years. A report from the Benalla Standard 12th March, 1907, reads "James Chivers who died on 7.3.1907 was buried at Benalla last Friday. As the hour approached there was a large gathering of buggies at Mr Kurtzman's residence. Sixty-three vehicles, a large number of horsemen and twenty members of the Loyal Orange Lodge in full regalia marched to the cemetery. The funeral was conducted by Rev W Parker; Church of England. This was followed by an Orange Lodge service, performed by Bro Thomas Gilding and Bro Jackson, who acted as chaplain". The Loyal Orange Lodge, Melbourne, supplied the following information-"James Chivers joined the Loyal Orange Lodge No 81 in Benalla on 27th January, 1883. He was a member until he died in 1907". It was obvious from this report that James was held in high esteem by his peers in the community. Mary died 10th of January, 1915. See the Will (1915 110 Mary Chivers probate.pdf) in the documents archive.
May 14, 2014 · posted to the person James Chivers