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About: looking for names: Ays, Maggiore, LeBlanc, Pfeifer, Neumann, Tschumi, DeGroff, Rohn and many others !!

Researching: Carter, Dobson, Leblanc, Congleton, Neumann, Ays, Maggiore, Pfeifer, Tschumi, Rohn, Degroff, Terhune

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A photo of the Ays family.
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(back) George & John Ays sons of (seated) Dorothee nee: Sieveking and John Ays. This was taken a few years after immigrating to the US from Germany.
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This photo was taken in Germany although Katie was born in the US. They had gone back to Germany for about 8 years from about 1900-1908. While in Germany Katie apprenticed as a seamstress.
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