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A photo of Will Beale & Wife - Delphi Indiana. Back of photo says "Cousin Will Beals wife brother Wash Beale"
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Roy L. Burtch and Harriet M. Hosmer Marriage announcement Dec. 25, 1905 Indianapolis, IN Her parents Mr. & Mrs Edwin S. Hosmer
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Col Moses McClean Obituary Part 2 Died 1810: This is part 2 of an obituary I found for Col. Moses McClean who died at age 73 in 1810 and lived in Adams Co PA , buried in Chillocloth and fought in the Revolutionary War.
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Col Moses McClean - Pennsylvania - Died 1810: This is part 1 of an obituary I found for Col Moses McClean who died in 1810 at age 73 so born about 1737. He lived in Adams County PA. Let me know if you have any questions.
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This is the Young Married Couples class of Third Christian Church in April 1942
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Found this picture hanging in hotel in Indianapolis. Hopefully you can see it well enough to see that it includes names and then number is matched on to the person. I put a ? by those I had trouble reading. 64.   Chas Allen 6.     F. Anderson 22.   R.M. Apperson 10.   H.J. Babb 38.   M.L Beal 85.   D. F. Beam 17.   F.N. Berry 40.   H.O. Blackwell 46.   W.J. Boll 11.   Clarence Bond 76.   Alice Born 16.   Henry Bragg 20.   David Bragg 23.   Perry Bragg 18.   N.C. Brown 67.    J. H. Brown 19.   Colonel Burton 83.    Orla Carpenter 62.    Jas Clem 100.   Orris Collins 32.   Wm Cooper 15.    Elmer Deer 60.   Dencil Deer 50.   Wilmer Doversberger 63.   O.C. Edwards 47.   H.R. Filbert 80.    Rome Findling 7.       Lawrence Flemming 102.   Branin (?) Flemming 5.       Howard Giesking 84.   Sam Gonce 109.   H.T Goodling 103.   Sanford (?) Goy 37.   Martin Graber 55.   Edw. G. Gromse 71.   Owen Gummis 26.   Ora Guskaden 27.   Orla Guskaden 4.       L.P. Hall 78.   Edward Hall (?) 28.   M. Harver 98.   Artie Helton 9.      Dewey Henthorn 70.   Gertrude Hickey 29.    E.J. Hinen 59.   Peter Hinen 2.      Thos Jackson 86.   C. H. Jenkens 89.    C.C. Jenkins 57.   W. I. Johnson 81.   Perry Johnson 82.   Layton Johnson 75.    A. Johnston 101.   W. L. Kidder 43.   Richard Kinn 12.   Leroy Knight 24.  E.M. Lane 53.    A.C. Lant 25.   Raymond Lantz 87.   F. L. Lieurance (?) 58.   Raymond Lantz 42.   R.S. Long 33.   Walter Levins 52.   Everett Macon 107.   Simon Martin 1.      Paul Masters 74.   R.L. McAllister 66.   Roy McGee 69.   Mrs. Joe Miller 97.   Joe Miller 3.      Wm. Mock 94.   John Moorman 104.   Verlin Moorman 96.   J.J. Mueller 48.   Earl Mumma 90.   J. Mynke 95.   Bart Nare 44.   Dan Nye 51.   Goria Painter 72.   E.M. Peet 34.   C.E. Plummer 65.   B E. Redelman 39.   Sordis Ropp 41.   Chas Ruebush 91.   Marley Runkle (?) 110.   Earl Shank 106.   Robert Sharp 108.   Donald Shields 30.   F.J. Smith 54.    Lincoln Smith 92.    F.C. (?) Smith 79.   L.O. Stewart (?) 105.   Ed Sulkey 68.   W.O. Surface 31.   John Uinback 21.   Pearl Underwood 99.   Geo. Unger 14.   R. D. Vandiver 73.   Grant Vansant 45.   L..J. Wangler 36.   Asa West 61.   Virgel Wetzel 88.   Elmer Whitesel 8.       Harold Williams 35.    Roy Williams 49.   W.C. Williams 56.   Norman Williams 93.   C.R. Williams 13.   Auston Winslow 77.   Geo. Wrightman
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Picture includes Ella, Bess, Lou and Charles Baer of Wabash County, IN
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Picture Post card. Back says Mac Anderson of Laketon Band Wabash County, Indiana
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Close up of picture taken in front of Mercantile in Urbana, IN along with Cook family.
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The 4 people to the right are the Cook family who operated this store in Urbana, Indiana. I have added a close up of them and close up to the 2 men to the left who are unidentified.
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Marilyn Jacobs I have close up of this picture that can be emailed.
Feb 08, 2014 · posted to the photo Peet Stock Remedy Company- 1928
Marilyn Jacobs Post card dates it from 1907-1918
Jan 26, 2014 · posted to the photo Mac Anderson
Marilyn Jacobs I have close up pictures of these women at web site below if that will help to see them up close. If this does not work, email me and will send it to you directly.
Sep 23, 2013 · posted to the photo Womens Missionary Society Urbana Indiana
Marilyn Jacobs I know there were Arnolds in Dayton Ohio as far back as 1810. There was a James Oliver Arnold who died in early 1900's in Dayton. I checked Ancestry and there were quite a few in 1870 census. Where did you find the picture? Can you get an idea of the age. I am guessing 1880-1890. Marilyn
Feb 18, 2011 · posted to the photo Etta Arnold