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A photo of Julius and Fredericka Wobschall taken in 1899.
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Archie Wabschall: This photo is from my mother's collection and just reads "Uncle Archie". My problem is, she has three uncle Archies! If anyone has any info on this photo, or can even help identify the military uniform, I'd really appreciate it!
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In this photo are Julius Wobschall (German immigrant born 1845), his wife Fredericka Borasell Wobschall, and their children, Alvina, Archie, Harry, Jessie and Amanda
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This is a photo of Suotao "Kiriye" Shiotaki, taken in Japan. She later married Hiyakuji Yanaga.
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This photo is from the family collection. It is labeled Witherspoon sisters. After doing a bit of research, I believe this photo is of Maud, Cora and Malissa Witherspoon.
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