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About: My surnames include Lerg/Kremer, Luppert/Brandel, Couzzins/Cousins, Pickard, Gaulke, Gildemeister, Medes/Ayers, Cain/Kane

Researching: Cain, Pickard, Kane, Lerg, Couzzins, Luppert, Medes, Gaulke, Gildemeister

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Found in my grandmother's (Beatrice (Pickard)Couzzins, Brady, Danks) belongings with other family pictures. I don't know how this man is integrated in my family, but would like to.
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Resemblance to Lysander Pickard makes me think this is one of his sons. Mother's name Harriet Sophia Medes Fralick Pickard. Lysander's obit states three sons who died young. I have names of only two, William and Clinton. Can anyone help me?
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Could be a photo of my grandmother's brother (Pickard) or her Uncle (Medes). When I was a small child I liked to look at the pictures in her desk but of course didn't show an interest in who they were until the pictures were missing. Now that I have them, I'd like to identify them.
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Photo folder states Baldwin Studio, St. Louis MO. Addie Wilson, Rosella Dickerson, Alta Vickery, Ella, Jessie, Clarence Dickers, Clara and Ed Colson. Found in box of photos of Mildred & Morrie Clements. More pictures in folder if interested.
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Benjamin Medes lived in Coral, Michigan. Woman on the left is identified only by last name Whipple (first name not legible) on the right is my great grandmother Harriet Sophia Medes. She married George Fralick and after his death Lysander Pickard all in Michigan. Any connections contact
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Patricia Gaulke What is the geographic location for this family?
Apr 29, 2009 · posted to the photo William & Rose Meeds
Patricia Gaulke Onced again, history marches on....Alice did not marry Orsemus Whipple, she married Lowell Miner and they had three daughters, Mary, Rosa, and Loretta (Rett). Alice's sister Ann Eliza married a Whipple but it was Daniel their children were Jenny, Benjamin, and David. Ann Eliza later married David Dunn.
Mar 04, 2006 · posted to the photo Benjamin Medes and Daughters
Patricia Gaulke There is some doubt as to whether this is Apononia's family or Valentine's. If his, it might be Brandel rather than Lerg Family contact me at
Aug 29, 2004 · posted to the photo Lerg Family Reunion
Patricia Gaulke I've been told my father-in-law was a Marauder, can you tell me how to confirm this fact. Is there a list somewhere...of course there is, do you know where it is?
Jun 13, 2004 · posted to the photo Larry Bowen (Postelle)