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William & Mary Gorbutt May 03, 2013
I would like to get info on ethnicity from the Gorbutt side of my family. I know they moved to Canada but they are not Canadian nor from USA originally. Any info on anything would be appreciated.
Ann Gorbutt ( Ball ) Jan 01, 2013
Sister to Robert Gorbutt b. 1827 Yorkshire, England
Youngest brother is my G.G.Grandpa Robert Gorbutt b. 1880 Michigan
Her youngest brother is my G.G. Grandpa Robert Gorbutt born Michigan 1880
The youngest brother to William is Robert Gorbutt, my G.G. Grandpa (b.1880 Michigan)
These are the twin older bro and sis to the youngest child, Robert Gorbutt who is my G.G. Grandpa. :)
I'm pretty sure that William Gorbutt is the oldest brother to my G.G.Grandpa Robert Gorbutt b. 1880 Michigan. William Gorbutt was born 1866 in Canada to Robert Gorbutt (b. 1827 England) and...
Elizabeth Kirkpatrick-Gorbutt was born in 1840 Canada.
Sarah Gorbutt Jan 01, 2013
One of my G.G. Grandpa's older sister's.
Robert Gorbutt Apr 07, 2012
This is my Great Great Grandfather. His daughter, Virtuel E. Gorbutt married Finley Beard. They had a son, Robert Finley Beard. Virtuel had two brothers, Elmo Gorbutt and Mervin Gorbutt of Oregon....
Also, Anna Gorbutt is a sister to Virtuel, Elmo, and Merlin but I don't have very much information on her. I'm assumeing she is younger then Virtuel and died young. Virtual died in 1994. Elmo and...