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Name: Kathy Bryant
Member since: Jul 28, 2003 4161 days old
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About: A genealogy addict, and trying to extend info on the families of James M. (Preston) Bryant, of Whitley Co., KY, and Saul Parker, of Northampton Co., NC
Surnames: Bryant, Parker, Jefferson, Wojcicki, Kochanski, O'Shawnessy, Powells

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Davis sisters Dec 10
Can you tell me who the Davis ancestors are for these girls? I also have Davis ancestors from my grandmother's side. Louisa Jane Davis. her father was Elisha Davis, of Stewart and Webster Co., GA.
Can you please let me know who your Parkers are? I need more to go on. I wrote a book which included these Parkers. If yours are kin, then we are cousins. Please contact me!
This photo is unusual. I LOVE it!!!! A perfect old grandmother photo. When was the photo taken? Is she your ancestor? Kathy Jo Bryant
Ledford genes Apr 06, 2008
Hi Jack, My husband's Bryant family id from Wayne and Whitley Co., KY. His grandfather, Thomas Bryant named his first son, Ledford Hunley Bryant. He died as a small child, but we are wondering...
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