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Name: Loretta Eichmann
Member since: Aug 25, 2003 4234 days old
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About: I am looking for the Geroge , Smith Bosworth & Clarks most of these are from Tn & Mo
Surnames: Smith, Clark, George, Bosworth

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Sad story . I had the same problem with my Smith famiiy and never got to know him because of a divorce. Not fair to him or to his grandkids not to get to know him,
What a great photo it is so clear I hope you know who every one is . I am looking for Georges but Do nnot know of any in ND at this time but am still searching Loretta
Mille Dec 29, 2003
I hope you find your Milli. I am looking for a lot of Smothis one is a Bert Smith who lived in Ca. Was born in 19-- and died 1991 Loretta Jean Smith
I am looking for a Charles Clyde Smith born 25 June 1878in Mo. Died in Txs