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About: I'm 55 years old. Born and raised in Harrison County, West Virginia. How I ended up in L.A. (Lower Alabama), I don't know. I'm researching these surnames Thompson, Martin, Robertson/Robinson, McCartney, Hinkle, Crockett, Rexrode, Nay, Wright, Hardin/Harden and many others. Most of my ancestors hailed from Orange County, Virginia then moving westward across Virginia and finally settling in and around, Pendleton and Pocahontas Counties of West Virginia. Within two to three generations many of the Thompson family spread out throughout the nation, settling in Ohio, Indianna, Illious, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and some went into Canada. I have quit a task before me to discover where all these people went to and find my many unknown cousins throughout the country to find out about their history. If anyone would like to contact me, please, feel free to do so. I just might have something you can use. God Bless, Ron Thompson Andalusia, Alabama
Surnames: Thompson, Robinson, Wright, Robertson, Martin, Hardin, Nay, Mccartney

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I think we may have some relatives in common, Ron Thompspn
I know this is a long shot but my Great Grandmother's was Louvinnia. She was born a Rexroad/Rexrode. However, she was born in Highland County, Virginia circa 1840. Would your Mississippi family...
I have Raines, Foster and Thompson families in my history. This individual may be related to me if the photograph was taken in West Virginia. If this sounds promising contact me and we will compare...
Susan Thompson Sep 09, 2003
I think this woman may be related to me. Will the owner of this photograph contact me so that we might discuss the issue further? Ron Thompson Andalusia, Alabama