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RoyG. Deal commented on Dec 26, 2005
Trying to connect in Bible with any of these WRIGHT’S in the first 75 years up to 1880s We are most interested in”Unknown” WRIGHT b.[--?--] -- can you provide me with any connections With any of these Ancestors?-- this is my winter time project--I have attached the Word doc. transcript for better viewing- ----update 12/26/2005 ------Thanx R G Deal Wright Family Bible 1800 –Present * will be digital jpg format soon- To view the most recent update of this Document go to my yahoo brief case and look for bible and other documents C & P into address window (if you like site bookmark it) --> [external link] We have an 205 old Wright family Bible in our family Deal of Mt. Carmel , Il. 62863 - This bible was-handed down thru Elizabeth nee? (Wight) b. 1802---> then James W. Wright b. 1825 family then thru- William Key Wright b.1853 Married California (Wheeler) Wright b.1859. * And then 1880 Fred Wright b. 1880 / Edith (Galliher) b. ~ 1891 Last Elsie Geraldine Wright (Deal) family b. 1920 she is now 85 yrs old My sisters Linda and Dixie are the keepers of the Bible now . It starts as so: first four entries --- correct is with no (e) or Maxam Unknown WRIGHT b.[--?--] d. [--?--] from Maryland Elizabeth nee[--?--] Wright b Dec 12 1802 born Indiana ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` George Maxam born 1800 b.[--?--] in CT. Died Jan. 11 1841 Elizabeth (Wright) Maxam b. Dec. 12 1802 -in In. Elizabeth d. abt 1856 in Indiana Elizabeth nee [--?--] Wright married George Maxam in 1834 Mar 12 Gibson Co. Indiana 47670 * notein bible the e at end of Maxam ~ will turn out to be script flair or flourish ~ ending. Trying to connect in Bible with any of these WRIGHT’S in the first 75 years or up to 1880s We are most interested in ”Unknown” WRIGHT b.[--?--] -- can you help or redirect me -b. abt 1790-1800 he came from Maryland abt 1790-1800 * I will list WWW sites later- as I can do with most documents now. And hopefully all docs later. This these entries are in English script --by that I mean Fancy-flowing script Good ink by a very educated scribe- there are other entries in same scripts but not as Fancy -as-below -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Andrew Wright born Aug 14 1822 *note I believe his mid. Initial was J and was Jackson Yes it was J. for Jackson James Wright born Feb 27 1825 d.1893 June 12 *note I believe his mid. Initial was W*need to check notes out I think they were Bro.s Yes it was W. for William Eliza Phillips Wright born July 24 1828 - D. Feb 13 1912 * my GG Grandmother ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ One James Wright of the period and local James Wright married Elizabeth Cunningham before 1842 at*Zip 62946 *and they had 2 children * Another James Wright of the period George M. Wright born Mar 4 1843 d.[--?--] married an Emily Orr ? John William Wright born 1849 d. [--?--] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ** after Elizabeth Cunningham Wrights Death James Wright married Eliza Jane (Phillips) in 1850 at Gibson co 47670 The bible gives James death as June 12 1893 The bible gives Eliza ‘s death as Feb 13 1912 at 6:00 o’clock on Thursday morning At Harrisburg, Illinois Zip 62946 *see notes which Eliza-4 lines below ** They had 5- 6 more Children (7-8 ? total for James)* * Elizabeth - born Feb. 8 1851 d.?? * Bible gives Eliza death as 1912 Feb 13/could be Eliza above William Key Wright born April 17 1853 - D. Mar 2 1929 *our G Grandfather *The bible says Wm Wright died march 2nd 1929 Sat A.M. 8:45 o’clock at Harrisburg Ill. Age 75 yrs 11 mo. *Harrisburg Zip 62946 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Matilda Ellen - born Sept. 6 1855 -d. Feb 9 1907 * married to a Gorsey ? At death Sarah M. (Marsalene) - born June 17 1857 Lucinda - born 8 th ? 18?? D. [--?--] * This entry very sketchy could be 6th Laura Alice (Alalis) - born may 8 1861 d. [--?--] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ William Key Wright married California “FORNA”( Wheeler) Wright She went by Forney Wright *some spellings inc. bible have this above spelling This union produced 8 or * 9 children Fred - born 6 sept 1880 – d. 1959 4 Nov * ? More to name but this is how Edith (gm) called him Stella Kate - born mar 20 1882 -d. 1917 Jan 15 * ? Married to a Joins or Jines /possible Jarvis at death Harry - born mar 11 1885 d. 1966 April 5 * as a boy I loved to talk /w Harry @ old Courthouse Frank - born Sept 21 1888 d. [--?--] Edna May - born April 9 1890 d. [--?--] Gladys Pearl - born Jan 13 1895 d. [--?--] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Minnie? - born 1878 d?? *Not sure about Minnie found on www *but no details are in this bible? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lillie - born July 9 1889 d. [--?--] * Maria - born 1899 d. [--?--] on www? *could dates be wrong? and she went by Lillie? In 1890 census Maria or Muree was listed as 11/12 mos and because of our bible I realized this was Months. ** Now the dates are right to make her Minnie’s Daughter? ? *** My mother at 85 can't remember an Aunt Maria? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ========================================================== The Bible gives : FORNA WRIGHT died Feb 24 1944 at Harrisburg, Ill. Age 85 yrs Note on above notes Now these entries are in Edith Wright’s handwriting -* she was a good pen- person with great detail -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Harry Wright had a son Everett in Evansville ,In Everett Wright - born May 20 1924 d.~ 1944 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I need to get more info on generation above and Harry’s son Fred Wright Married Edith (Galliher) Wright and they had 4 children This Generation /family remained in Mt. Carmel, Illinois 62863 WILLIAM Woodrow “Bill” born 1913 Jan 15 --- d. 1989 Feb 23 HAROLD Estes “Hambone” born 1914 May 26 -- d.1966 April 5 EDWIN Dale “Eddie” born 1915 June 12 – d. 1989 June 10 ELSIE Geraldine “Gerry” born 1920 Jan 17 -- d. [--?--] *my mother is at 85 yrs This family are all buried in Highland memorial cemetery in Mt. Carmel ,Il 62863 As the rest of us will be. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All these dates are in this bible -as are the Descendants of the other 3 Male - Wright children Traced to date. And the Deal family Plus branch families ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -------------------------------------------------------------------- Harry Wright had a son Everett in Evansville ,In Everett Wright - born May 20 1924 d.~ 1944 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now there are may more entries in my Grandmothers handwriting (Edith Wright): of our families-Deals and Wrights- Wheelers-after in Gerry Wright’s hand note We probably have 85 to 125? more names? to go in this document the old bible is too fragile to handle ; *Have now traced Maxam name and greatest effort will be to complete the Wright names Any way our interest is to trace The Maxame names we have ref. several spellings ie Maxime -Mixame but we believe because of the deliberate style of the scribe It is correct pronunciation. as Maxame or Maxime And found out that it was MAXAM but in old script was Maxam~ --as history went on from Maxam in marriage ---there are a lot of Maxam names in the history of Gibson County, Indiana 47670 these people lived their full lives there, from cradle to grave. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated --Thanx!!! Roy G Deal p.s. if You can't help perhaps you might redirect or correct us. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- at Gibson county site We found the marriage of George N Maxam and Elizabeth Wright which explained the different name at start of Bible--this had perplexed us for Quite some time. Probably a mystery for 180 years. We will move on with some other note --It seems that the first two Entries were bigger and more richly written than the next Group which were in script- down to William Key b. 1857 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then the names are in even smaller script After Lucinda the old inks were not used again. At this time we might say Lucinda is a big mystery? b.? And d.? And one other observation- is that there were not good supplies of inks, and for that matter scribes In the Indian territories. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At this time-We am putting in all info on generations after above Start of bible –plus We will get Burial sites and other info in these documents at yahoo briefcase site. (Below) *How it works is this –the brief case is accessible to anyone. Now if you are a Yahoo user it will qualify you to download info at any time to your PC. The beauty of this is that we can have contributors that are any where in the good old USA, and able to document their entries . Now even if you are on another E mail system we can enable up to 10 people that are able to request and receive these Documents. Our goal is to document And get it out to everyone On WWW for all future generations.- As we roll along this winter. ROY G. DEAL [contact link] or phone 1 812 401 2691 WRIGHT bible INDIANA connectionà [external link] Note : My son Jeremiah “Jay” is taking pictures of the bible-- and the digital pictures will point out the start – 1st 120 years of the bible and document it as valid-but the entries after our grand mother Edith took over about 1915 are aged and hard to read but can be extracted only with human eye (I think-but pics maybe will be ok). Note if pics ok we have 200 years documented And with the Wright/Deal relatives still living can be improved . So to cut to the chase this will be a document of history with documented improvements and the improvement will be evident and validated by the jpg pictures of the bible and references on the WWW. Roy G. Deal can be reached at [contact link] or phone1 812-401 2691 . We will have family contributors and some contributors outside family to be listed as This doc. Evolves over the next few years. I know we will have aboard my sisters Linda Sue and Dixie Bell Deal and Cousins Sandra Wright, Virginia Ann Wright, Billy Wright, Fred Wright and Brenda Wright. They will provide the branches that are specific to their immediate families and other important details of memory for inclusion. Note as Edith Wright and Fred Wright left the farm in ~ 1956-57 – the stewardship of this bible passed into my mother Elsie Geraldine’s hands and –later into the hands of Linda and Dixie Deal’s hands since ~ 1985. Email contributors contacts will be provided with permission only as we go along. I am working on a profile sheet for each person at my site –if you see an error or have input contact me –THANX ! Rgd Last up date IN GREEN AT TOP RIGHT --If you have a free yahoo E mail site you can bookmark this site as it will continue to be updated--- or E mail me for the latest update  [contact link] I can also provide the long copy of this transcript with all trailer notes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - if on YAHOO Bookmark -- WRIGHT and other Surnames à [external link] LINKS TO FAMILIES below on WWW +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ---------WRIGHT------------------------------------------------- ============================================================ Last Name: WRIGHT First Name: ANDREW J Date: 11-23-1842 Spouse- Last Name: SPAIN Spouse- First Name: LUCINDA Indiana State Library Genealogy Database: Marriages through 1850 on WWW =============still researching below this line===================== Date received 12/09/2005 I Saw your posting on the Pike Co. message board regarding Lucinda Spain. I found some info posted on by Robert Sollars [contact link] Lucinda Spain b: January 8, 1826 - Gibson Co., IN -- d: December 10, 1875 burial: Grove Cemetery, Palestine, Crawford Co., IL Father: Archibald W. Spain (b: Nov. 26, 1798 - Mecklenburg, VA) Mother: Sarah Garwood (b: Mar. 3, 1803 - Montgomery Co., Ky) married November 23, 1842 - Gibson Co., IN - 8 Children: all born Indiana Andrew J. Wright b: Abt. 1823 - IN CHILDREN: 7-8 ? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1850 census INdiana Gibson,Whiteriver township,7 Oct 1850 household 1016, family 1017 Andrew J. Right [sic] 26 male farmer, real estate val $500, b. IN Loucinda 23 female, b. IN, cannot read/write William 6 male, b. IN, attended school in year Amelia 5 female, b. IN, attended school in year Matilda 3 female, b. IN John 1/12 male, b. IN household 1027, family 1028 James Wright 26 male farmer, b. IN, married within year Eliza J. 21 female, b. IN, married within year George M. 7 male, b. IN, attended school in year Archibald and Sally Spain are family 1002, do you need that info? Also, do you want images of these census? I can send them from, they give you access to the images for 4-5 days. Just let me know at [contact link] *NOTE WENT TO LDS TO CONFIRM –SEE AT BOTTOM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1860 Madison Twp., Pike Co., In.- Enumeration Date: July 25, 1860 Page: 97 Line: 1 Dwelling/Family: 718/680 1. William b: ~ 1844 - IN 2. Amelia b: ~ 1845 - IN 3. Matilda b: ~ 1847 - IN 4. John b: ~ 1850 - IN 5. James "WESLEY" b: ~1852 -IN 6. Willis b: ~ 1854 - IN 7. Mary - age 4, b. ~1856 IN 8. Sarah E. b: abt. 1858 - IN ******************************************************************************************* 1870 Palestine Twp., Crawford Co., Illinois Page: 142 Line: 327 Dwelling/Family: 205/203 Enumeration Date: June 22, 1870 Wright, A. J. - age 47, farmer, born in Indiana. * if true My GG GF -probably was also b. in Indiana as he was a younger sib to AJ Wright-ie unless they were not sibs* check out " Lucinda - age 43, keeping house, born in Indiana. " Matilda - age 23, school teacher, born in Indiana. *b.~1847 " John - age 20, born in Indiana. *b.~1850 " James "Wesley" - age 18, born in Indiana. *b.~1852 " Willis - age 16, born in Indiana. *b.~1854 " Sarah E. - age 22, born in Indiana. *b.~1848 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Barton, James W. - age 20, farm laborer, born in Illinois. *b.~1850 Hardestry. W. E. - age 23, farm laborer, born in Indiana. *b.~1847 Dolson, Hellen - age 22, school teacher, born in Illinois. *b.~1848 **************************************************************** 1880 Lamont,[SIC] Crawford Co., Illinois-Lucinda had died December 10,1875 Andrew Right - age 57, listed as single but probably widowed, farmer, note# 5 born in Indiana. Father born in Maryland. Mother born in Indiana. Andrew Wright doesn't appearon the 1900 US censusso my guess is he may be deceased by then.?* or he did he go west see note # 2 below Hope this info helps..Karen Dismore Sprunger-> [contact link] also e mail Robert Sollars--> [contact link] -->* implies note added * ~ implies approx. need research. *rgd note #2 Palestine Twp., Crawford Co., Illinois as Lucinda went over and what is the proximity ? note #3 check all info against bible. note # 4 get that AJ WRIGHT- Father born in Maryland.*Mother born in Indiana note# 5 Lucinda died December 10, 1875 ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` THANK YOU AGAIN Karen ! I am working out of a 200 year old bible. My cousin Ginny Ann Wright and I have dedicated this winter to the Genelogy of our people. I am here in Ind. and Ginny Ann is living in Wisc.- - I have 1 more year to work and then we will get after other family members. Did my posting have a transcript of our bible? and if it did not can I send you a copy ? To: Karen Dismore Sprunger [contact link] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BROTHER ? JAMES W. WRIGHT b.1825 ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ REAL !! IMPORTANT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Re: George and Indiana (Leathers) Wright m. Nov 5,1864 Date: 8 Sep 2001 2:38 AM GMT Author: Harlow Chandler E mail -à [contact link] Classification: Query In Reply to: George and Indiana (Leathers) Wright m. Nov 5,1864 by: Debbie Fishback I don't know anything about this family , but here are a few facts for you to consider. 1880 census-- shows that wife ? Indiana had remarried to a Henry Beck, but her children are living with them--they include Sallie, James, Willis, Noble and George. The family is then in Patoka, Gibson Co., IN. The 1880 census shows that the father of these Wright Children, whom I assume must be your George, was born in state of IN.. INDIANA Beck, who I believe probably was Indiana Wright, is 30, so she was b. about 1850. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1850 Census has a James Wright and wife Eliza (i have iserted JANE (phillips) rgd)(i have inserted also they were married 1850) in Whiteriver Township, Gibson Co., IN. They have a son George, age 7 months, and as best I can make out the handwriting the middle initial is either a W or an M and I think it's a W. That would make him about the same age as Indiana ? (*not the state). ----------------------------------------------------------------- 1850 Census James is 26 and Eliza is 21. They were both also born in IN. In the 1880 census James and Eliza are still there in Whiteriver Township and there is a daughter Lucinda, age 20. (* in our bible she was b. 1860) ? 8 th 1860 ? HAZELTON is major city on WWW [external link]~Local_History/Gibson-Co-IN.htm#White%20River%20Township ==================================================================== In Reply to: Re: George and wife Indiana (Leathers) Wright m. Nov 5,1864 by: Harlow Chandler According to Tartt's "History of Gibson County" dated 1884 Indiana Leathers was the daughter of William Leathers and Mary Severns. Mary's father was John Severns one of the first settlers of Gibson County Indiana. William Leathers was born in Kentucky in 1806 the son of Morgan Leathers. The family moved to Gibson County in 1810 .....George and Indiana (Leathers) Wright m. Nov 5,1864 Author: Debbie Fishback Date: 08 Sep 2001 Board: Boards > Surnames > Wright looking for info on George W. Wright him and --> Indiana (Leathers) was married in Gibson county Indiana their children are George, Noble, Willis, James, and possible there is a daughter Minnie or could be a cuz, not sure on her yet anyone out... ... George W. Wright married 1st wife Elizabeth Cunningham's son Indiana Leathers on Nov 5, 1864 in Gibson County, Indiana does anyone have any more info on these people ................married wife Indiana "Leathers" their children's names are – all born in Gibson County,Indiana-à Willis Wright wife unknown Mary Wright Husband unknown James Virgil Wright b.1869 1945Da... * note i think this is Debs GF rgd .............any info on James Virgil b.1869 d. 1945 he was born in Gibson county Indiana he was married to Dacy Wilson but then married another lady his father was William Wright and my grandfather thinks that his grandmother's name was ?????? * note was she looking for Calif --if so our ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` ================================================================ ============================================================ WRIGHT JAMES CUNNINGHAM ELIZABETH AUG 4 1842 IN ST WPA * is this our man** WRIGHT JAMES ?? ORR EMILY JUN 17 1846 IN ST WPA * is this our man* ============================================================== ========================================================= ====================================================== ~~~~~~ WRIGHT MARRIAGES_ GIBSON COUNTY INDIANA ~~~~~~~ on WWW ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SOME RESEARCH~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ click [external link]~jmurphy/gibson/marrt2z.htm ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ WRIGHT ANDREW J SPAIN LUCINDA NOV 23 1842 IN ST WPA WRIGHT CHRISTOPHER W. ROUT NANCY FEB 11 1819 IN ST WPA **has this been under my nose?? the dates are right !! ** WRIGHT ELIZABETH MAXAM GEORGE N MAR 12 1834 IN ST WPA *Note above she is 32years old maybe with 2 children WRIGHT IDA V. SMITH CHESTER JUN 27 1915 F2339 WRIGHT JAMES CUNNINGHAM ELIZABETH AUG 4 1842 IN ST WPA WRIGHT JAMES ?? ORR EMILY JUN 17 1846 IN ST WPA WRIGHT JOHN BREEDLOVE BETSEY FEB 27 1820 IN ST WPA WRIGHT MARTIN PRITCHETT ELIZABETH AUG 16 1823 IN ST WPA LICENSE WRIGHT POLLY DECKER AARON NOV 27 1814 IN ST WPA WRIGHT PROVIDENCE WILSON KATIE AUG 16 1914 F2339 =============================================================== TAYLOR JANE SPAIN MACKLIN MAR 2 1830 IN ST WPA DECKER DANIEL SPAIN ELIZABETH ANN FEB 23 1841 IN ST WPA PEARCE NEHEMIAH F SPAIN ELIZABETH JAN 6 1841 IN ST WPA PHILLIPS ROBERT SPAIN MARY ADALINE FEB 27 1842 IN ST WPA PRUITT WM SPAIN ELIZ MAR 14 1830 IN ST WPA RUCKMAN WILSON SPAIN JANE NOV 13 1844 ==================================================== ALVIS ZERELDA SPAIN WILLIAM WALLACE , NOV 20 1901 --------------------------------------------------------------- ===================================================== BOWEN ERNEST L. WRIGHT GLADYS P. AUG 12 1916 WRIGHT AGNES MURPHY HENRY G. JAN 26 1909 WRIGHT GLADYS P. BOWEN ERNEST L. AUG 12 1916 WRIGHT JAMES M. MOUNTS MANESIA JUN 18 1876 WRIGHT ROYAL CANDY MAIE SEP 5 1894 WRIGHT VARDAMON GOBBEL MAHALA JUN 7 1883 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ WRIGHT CHRISTOPHER W. - ROUT NANCY FEB 11 1819 IN ST WPA ** is the W for william ** ------------------------------------------------------------------ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~SURNAMES ~~~~ Contributors~~~below~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ================================================================== ------------------------------WRIGHT----------------------------------------------------- -------“GINNY ANN”-- ---- VIRGINA ANN COLLINS-- [contact link] ------------------------ -------------------“SANDY”---- -- ------------------------ ----- ROY G. DEAL -- [contact link] ------------------------ --------PHILLIPS-------------------------------------------------- Phillips Website: E mail info or Questions about Phillips to: [contact link] Darlene Rumbaugh [contact link] KANSAS Also ?? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~------------------------------------ CUNNINGHAM ---------------------- ---------------------------------------- ????? ------------------------ ----------SPAIN---------------------------------------------------- Robert Sollars à [contact link] ---------------------------------------- ????? ------------------------ ------------------- GALLIHER ----------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ????? ----------------------- -----WHEELER----------------------------------------------------- ---“GINNY ANN”-- ---- VIRGINA ANN COLLINS-- [contact link] ------------- ----- ROY G. DEAL -- [contact link] ------------------------ ------- DILBECK -------------------------------------------------- ---“GINNY ANN”- VIRGINA ANN COLLINS-- [contact link] -------------------- ---------------------------------“SANDY”---- -- ----------- -------------------- DEAL ----------------------------------- ----- ROY G. DEAL -- [contact link] ------------- ---------------????? ------------------------------------ ------------------????? ------------------------------------------ -------include Spain Doc --later----after research------------------- ======================================================================= ------ E mail addresses of contributors ------------------------- ======================================================================= ------BOOKS OF WRIGHTSon WWW--------------------------------------- ----------------OTHER CLANS------------------------------------- ------OTHER---BOOKS OF WRIGHTS-------------------------------- ------------MISC. links on WWW---------------------------------- ---- ZIP CODES on WWW----> [external link] --------------------- ====================================================================== FROM Peter Snider Miller folder - *2nd Wife of Peter Snider Miller: +Elizabeth Maxam .+Elizabeth Maxam marr 21 Aug 1843 in Gibson co. In 47670 see above folder b: Unknown in ? m: 21 August 1843 in Gibson County, Indiana d: Abt 1850 in ? in all provability Gibson county ** ======================================================================= ==========================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================Every thing on down is/are- various notes (leads) dated as received== =====for more see long copy with trailer notes- ===================== =================TIME LINE====================================== ~~1850 census~~~~A J WRIGHT__LUCINDA (SPAIN) WRIGHT~~~4/ kids now /4 more kids to be born~~ ================================================================== ~~~1860 census~~~~A J WRIGHT_LUCINDA (SPAIN) WRIGHT~~~8 kid snow /0 to come~~~ Madison Township along the White river [est. 1817, as one of the original townships, boundaries later changed] Communties include: Bowman , out of township is Petersburg 3 miles E --to access by road get off us 41 at Hazelton turn and go ~22 miles. ~1870 census~~A J WRIGHT_LUCINDA (SPAIN) WRIGHT~~8? kids now / ~ 5 at home~~ Palestine TWP Crawford county Illinois ~~~1880 census~~~~A J WRIGHT__LUCINDA (SPAIN) WRIGHT~she~died 1875~ ~~~ Andrew Right - age 57, listed as single but probably widowed, farmer, i have info on her burial if any one needs check~1890 census~Crawford county Illinois Palestine TWP~for~A J WRIGHT~ I have Emailed Angela DiBlasi [contact link] and submit information still being researched ~~~1900 census~~no ~~A J WRIGHT
RoyG. Deal commented on Dec 27, 2005
OOPS ?? I accidently deleted Message from Someone trying to answer my posting on Wright family history. Can whom ever it was come back once more.? Roy G Deal
Debbie Markwell commented on Apr 26, 2008
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Debbie Markwell commented on Apr 26, 2008
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Debbie Markwell commented on Apr 26, 2008
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Debbie Markwell commented on Apr 27, 2008
My Granny and Popaw Around 1920, a 17-year old John Wright saw the prettiest little gal he ever did see standing on a fence rail, she was leaning over the fence and her long pigtails were hanging down over her shoulders. He said that is the gal I’m going to marry one of these days. Four years later he married that pretty little gal, Lillian Curtis, and the rest is history. Lillian Curtis was born July 29, 1907, in Owen County, Kentucky. She was the daughter of Richard Harvey and Fannie Wright Curtis. Richard Harvey Curtis was the son of John Wesley and Rebecca Pickett Curtis. Fannie Wright was the daughter of Milton Thomas Wright Jr. (Lorenzo Dow Wright’s brother) who was the son of Milton Thomas Wright who was the son of John Raglen Wright. (John Wright and Fannie Wright Curtis were first cousins.) While John was courting Lillian, she was also being wooed by another young man. Her parents thought this young man would be more suited for her as his family had a little money and he would be able to take care of her. Lillian’s brothers kept after her telling her to stay away from that Wright boy, that he would not amount to anything. She chose John. As it turned out the other young man is the one who did not to amount to anything. When we asked granny his name she never would say. Lillian told John, let’s get married. John told her he had nothing to offer her – she told him, we’ve got two hands, we both can work, and on October 25, 1924, John Wright wed Lillian Curtis. John Wright told that he left very early on the morning of October 25, 1924, to go pick up his bride, there was still dew on the ground. On the way to Georgetown, he saw blazes and smoke coming from his brother’s (Milton Wright) house. He stopped to help but was worried about getting his brand new white shirt dirty. Milton’s wife (Lila Belle Curtis Wright, Lillian’s cousin, also called by the nickname, Jack ) had small children to care for and she was not able to help Milton put out the fire. John and his brother grabbed buckets and ran down the hill to the creek for water and put out the fire. It was just a stove fire that got out of control while cooking breakfast so it was put out quickly and his shirt did not get too dirty. By helping put the fire out, he was almost late to his own wedding. He went to pick up Lillian and they went to Georgetown to get married. Granny always told that popaw was almost late for his own wedding. They drove the family Model T to Georgetown to get married. He first went to the Christian Church parsonage to ask Reverend Ira Boswell to marry them. When he arrived a colored girl told them that Reverend Boswell was at the football game. He said that he would just save his $2.00 and they got married at the courthouse. When he and Lillian returned home the family had a party for them. He said one of the things they would do is ride the groom on a rail. Some of the men went down to the fence by the creek and brought back a rail. They put him on it and then one man got on either end and hoisted you on the rail up to their shoulders. He said that weddings were different back then. A person would get married on a Saturday and by Monday you would be back to work in the fields.”
Kathleen Cochran commented on Feb 28
I am trying to find my father whose name William Gene Wright or Billy Gene Wright and he was married to Gladys Elaine Davidson/ Wright around 1945 through 1949 or 1950 in Ambridge, Pa. My father was born in 1926
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