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About: Searchingfor decendents: Moore Michigan Adams McKenzie Indiana Erskine Webster Stuart Michigan
Surnames: Stuart, Mckenzie, Moore, Haney, Adams, Webster, Erskine

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Write a comment...yes have 1 more picture of William and Polly. Also Violet and Maude Moore are his 2 daughters. Maude still lives in Michigan and Violet in nursing home in Alabama.. I under stand...
Grandpa Adams Apr 20, 2012
GRANDPA Adams married Sarah McKenzie . His Name was Henry P.Adams. The photo does not have a date on it. The pictures was in my fathers papers.
There are sunrise services still held there today. The cross never is removed.
One of my cousins in Illinois adopted a female ,my couisinwas married to a Allison,do not know what the girls birth name was. Not sure if this can help. Cousins name Kathryn Allison,now deceased....
Korean Veteran Mar 24, 2009
Killed by a drunk driver, May 02,2004 Texas
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