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About: I received my BA in English in 2005 and now tutor writing at UTPB. I have been doing genealogy for 30+ years. I'm interested in Brown, Sellers, Yost, Willingham, Reid, Wozencraft, Morrow, Roberts, Barton, Addison, Campbell, Rutherford, Mason etc. etc.
Surnames: Brown, Campbell, Morrow, Addison, Rutherford, Wozencraft

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Maple St Girl Apr 29, 2012
Lois A and Alma Campbell bought a house in Carlsbad NM in order to rent it.
Mildred & who Apr 29, 2012
I now am fairly certain that Mildred is Mildred Wozencraft, oldest daughter of Henry Gilbert (Doc) and Rachel Wozencraft who lived around Miami AZ in the 1930s and then moved to California....
Madison D Apr 14, 2004
my thoughts too. Army? Thanks, Bev
The margin does say 1958 July, however that is the development date. Could be the right year or not knowing how long film stayed in Mom's camera at times. So 1955-58.
Rain Springs TX? Apr 05, 2004
I've now been informed that there's a place about 30 miles west of Carlsbad NM called Rain Springs! Thanks so much. Bev