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Name: Patricia Gaulke
Member since: Apr 15, 2004 4000 days old
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About: My surnames include Lerg/Kremer, Luppert/Brandel, Couzzins/Cousins, Pickard, Gaulke, Gildemeister, Medes/Ayers, Cain/Kane
Surnames: Cain, Pickard, Kane, Lerg, Couzzins, Luppert, Medes, Gaulke, Gildemeister

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William & Rose Meeds Apr 29, 2009
What is the geographic location for this family?
Onced again, history marches on....Alice did not marry Orsemus Whipple, she married Lowell Miner and they had three daughters, Mary, Rosa, and Loretta (Rett). Alice's sister Ann Eliza married a...
Lerg Family Reunion Aug 29, 2004
There is some doubt as to whether this is Apononia's family or Valentine's. If his, it might be Brandel rather than Lerg Family contact me at
Larry Bowen (Postelle) Jun 13, 2004
I've been told my father-in-law was a Marauder, can you tell me how to confirm this fact. Is there a list somewhere...of course there is, do you know where it is?