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Name: Donald Pelton
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About: I am building up a family tree uniting the following families: Pelton, Parker, Blue, Grey, Antrim, Dakin, Blacksher, Akin, Macey, Surface (Zerfass), Guffin (McGuffin), Seider. I would really love to find some more photographs for my online family tree.
Surnames: Blue, Antrim, Parker, Grey, Dakin, Akin, Pelton, Surface, Mcguffin, Zerfass, Macey, Blacksher, Guffin

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That was funny! You should not send one little man to drag a big one off to a POW camp.
The names are (Left to right) Ada Blue, Lulu Blue, Margaret L. Blue, William Elmer Blue, Nettie Blue.
All Caucasian Blackshears, Blackshers, and Blackshaws can trace their ancestry back to one couple who came over just after the colonies were founded, therefore, I am related through a Great(3)...
I agree with web455, the picture appears to be taken during the Spanish American War, but I was going by the uniforms instead of the rifles. Uniforms tend to change about every 20 years or so....