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About: Roberson (Family was raised in southern Illinois)Ernie Roberson 12/24/1895, was married twice, 2nd wife Ruth Moren 2/24/1915. Spain (Also from southern Illinois.) Rose (Also from southern Illinois.)Daughter Marie married Clarence Mc"Donald) Mc"Donald, Clarence married a nearly full blooded Cherrokee Indian, first name Mary,last name may be Waylee or some spelling near that. All of these people lived in southern Ilinois to the best of my knowledge. Benton is the town, Franklyn is the county, they all lived in or near for fifty years or more. I am most interested in finding out information about my Indian, great great grandmother, as well as when Clarence Mc"Donald's family came over to the USA, also is he Irish, or Scottish,or both? My Husbands Side of family Harn (Family Came over and met the ) Lawerence (Family in Chicago, Grandmother rememered the gas street lights) Also Lawerence was shortened when they came over their real last name I do not know other than it was really long and hard to pronounce. I believe Lawerence when some how found in there somewhere.
Surnames: Mcdonald, Rose, Roberson, Spain, Waylee

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