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About: I am researching my father's ancestry with my sister to fulfill a promise to our grandfather, John W Anderson b.Aug 1899. I am fascinated by the older pictures and how similar relatives can look, (although my dad and grandpa look so different). You'll either look like a dark haired blue-eyed handsome fellow or a Scottish redhead also with blue eyes. I'm hoping to find relatives among your photos and vice versa.
Surnames: Anderson, Way, Marrah, Gwun, Whitson

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Joe & Friends 1949 Feb 09, 2006
This is a very nice photo of your uncle and his friends. It will prove to be historically significant to many people. Thank you for sharing and I hope to see more of your photos.
187th Trooper Jan 18, 2006
I am so happy to see a paratrooper's face. My father was in the 187ARCT G Co. He did both jumps and was there during the Kojedo prison camp situation. His name was William G Anderson, known by most...