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About: I am relatively new to genealogy but have jumped right in with two feet. I havce gather much information on both sides of my family, having had a head start on my maternal side due to a very distant cousin's extensive research. It is very tedious work but I'm loving every minute of it, especially when I make "a find". Most of my ancestors, although originating from various European countries, are from New Brunswick, Canada. Both sides of my mother's line and the maternal line of my father but my father's father's side stems directly from Norfolk, England so most of my research is between New Brunswick, which has great archives, and England. I'm kind of stuck with my English ancestors as I'm coming to the conclusion they did not originate from Norfolk so I'm now starting to look for them in Lancashire due to something I read about the family name.
Surnames: Wright, Jones, Fowler, Hubbard, Goodfellow, Maltby, VanBuskirk, The surnames I am researching are: Holdgate, Steeves, Sadd, Silliker, Brunswick

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