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About: I am related to the Vermillion and Winkler familes. I have found quite a bit about the Vermillions and have found a little bit about the Winklers, not there are brick walls in searching for each and all of these relatives history. I lived in Wilmington California when my father worked in the shipyards when I was very little, we then moved to Hermosa Beach, California where I grew up. I have tried to find old friends from Wilmington, like Phylis McFadden, Lynn Austin and Arlene Wearing(Homes-married name, who were my junior high friends, and not knowing their married names or where they're now living, they are lost to me as well. Any news of them would also be appreciated.
Surnames: Smith, Cooper, Trimble, Hinton, Dew, Winkler, Vermillion, Turman

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Wadsworth and Beaty Families Jan 29, 2010 4:21 pm
To find out if there is Indian Blood, check your teeth. If there is Indian blood (or Asiatic/Oriental) you will have what is called "Shovel Teeth" as they will be shaped like a wide flat shovel,...
Two Children Jan 29, 2010 3:12 pm
I know of a Joseph D. Vermillion who was with a handful of Texas Rangers out hunting for Santa Anna after the Alamo and Goliad, one of them stumbled across him, and took him back to their...
Elijah Craig Smith Jan 29, 2010 2:47 pm
An addition to the above. I meant to say that a member wrote and told me that Joel Smith is a probably one of our relatives. Then to so are the Jones family, Something so easy to look up. She...
Where are these Smiths from? Amazing, but Tazewell Cowan Smith looks just like my brother if he were to grow a full beard, amazing, truly is. My scanner isn't working or I would forward some...
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