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About: My name is Rickson Higgins, My father's name is Welson Higgins, Grandfahter- Welery Higgin, Gradegrandfather-Goerge J. Higgins, Gradegrade grandfather Johnny Higgins and has I heard, my ancestors came from Ireland to US mainland (Massachusetts or forget the name and to Hawaii. From Hawaii he sailed with the troop and end up Federated States of Micronesia (Pohnpei) on a small Island called Mokil. This is where I came from. Thanks
Surnames: George, Higgins, John

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My Great great grandfather's name was George W. Higgins. Their ancestors from Ireland to US mainland. Any relative of John Charles Higgins went to the Eastern Pacific? My Grade grade grade...
Higgins Grayson family Aug 27, 2009
I am looking for my roots (ancestors) from Ireland to mainland somewhere around in 1780-1870's. From US mainland to East Pacific around 1890-1900. My grade grade grand father's name was Johnny...