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About: I am trying to find family connections in the following families,Newton,Tipton,Gross,Van Horn,& Estes. I have found my Newton family but even though I know I have family connections with the rest, because of not haveing dates have ran into a dead end with the rest. I am 55 and want to know if my cousins or any family are still alive.My full name is Rosa Fae Newton,Van Horn. My Mothers name was Sarah Evelyn Tipton,Newton,Brown and I can give other information if emailed.My Grandmother was a Tipton ,her name was Bell Tipton,Gross.My grandfather was Jessie Tipton and she married Anderson Gross. They lived in many places in Estill county,Ky. and Shoemaker Ridge and Tipton Ridge,Ky.My Great-Grandmothers name was Betsy Ross Tipton also from Ky.Little is known because all records were either lost or destroyed. I do not want anything from any relitive, just to know that someone out there knew or has knowledge of these people, It is very hard telling my children of these people and having pictures of people who the world or resorces say never exhisted when I know these were flesh and blood for I knew them, loved them, and grew up with them.If anyone has any knowledge, please E-mail, and I will E-mail what photoes I have.
Surnames: Lawson, Van Horn, Estes, Tipton, Newton, Gross

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